Get Dinner with a Difference at These Insane Theme Restaurants in Bangkok

The Most Badass Theme Restaurants in Bangkok

The new trend for theme restaurants in Bangkok has injected a load of fun into the capital’s food scene

Forget about traditional dining, the new craze in town is to head to one of these great theme restaurants in Bangkok and just surrender to the kitsch! No, they’re not all classy establishments, but that’s not what you’re there for. These theme restaurants range from the weird to the downright ridiculous but they’re all a lot of fun, and that’s what eating out with friends should be all about! Here’s our run-down of some of the most weird and wonderful places in town.


You might have heard about how good hotpot restaurants are, where you cook your own food in a central pot of sauce in the middle of the table, but nowhere in Bangkok does it quite like Hajime. Because here, instead of waiting staff taking your order and bringing you your drinks, it’s all done by robots! Yes, really, Hajime is run completely human-free on the restaurant floor. 

You order on a touch-screen tablet and your food and drinks are delivered by machine. And when the robots (wearing samurai headbands!) aren’t serving you, they dance to Japanese pop music! It’s not too pricey, with a couple of hours at the buffet costing you 450 baht ($15).

Location: 3/F Monopoly Park, 59/27 Rama 3 Rd

Open: 11am – 22pm

Contact: 026 831 670

Kaethy the Witch

Fans of Halloween rejoice! Kaethy the Witch is a year-round homage to the holiday, with voodoo and witchcraft-themed decorations on the walls and the waitresses dressed up in ‘scary’ (not scary) costumes. The menu boasts some hilariously tenuous links to the world’s favorite scare-fest, and you can munch on a spider cupcake while sipping on a bright-red Vampire cocktail served from an IV bag. Prices aren’t bad either, with a snack starting at 60 baht ($2) and drinks starting from 90 baht ($3).

Location: Nak Niwat Soi 41, Lad Phrao Road, 10230 

Open: 9am – 21pm

Contact: 081 916 8447

theme restaurants in Bangkok

Perhaps Rabbits

If you’ve ever longed to escape normal life and follow Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole then Perhaps Rabbits is for you. This is a crazy restaurant based entirely on the Mad Hatter’s tea party! The décor is suitably mind-bending, with the floor chequered black and white mirroring the chess board from the book and the walls painted in a mural that makes you feel like you’re one of the characters. The food is all themed as well, with the Blue Bunny dessert egg the star of the show. It’s extremely sweet but delicious washed down with one of their specialty teas. Drinks start from 70 baht ($2.20) and cakes from 130 baht ($4).

Location: Soi Sukhumvit 63, Soi Ekkamai 10

Open: 10am – 8pm

Contact: 096 616 3314

Sanrio Hello Kitty House

Our last pick is the Sanrio Hello Kitty House, AKA a homage to pink kitsch! This place is exactly as it sounds; the Hello Kitty design is everywhere and the overall atmosphere is cute cute cute. The background music is from Japanese kids TV programs and you can even grab some free cotton candy while you browse the menu!

The food choices are on the sweet side as you might expect, and their specialties include dishes like Rainbow Crepe Cake and Twinkle Rainbow Cake. One unique feature is that once you’ve had enough of the cutesy experience then you can head next-door to the attached beauty salon to get a bit of Hello Kitty-themed nail art! Drinks start from 80 baht ($2.50) and cakes from 150 baht ($5).

Location: LG-2/F 388 Rama I Road, Siam Square One

Open: 10am – 22pm

Contact: 021 151 335

These theme restaurants in Bangkok are a fun night out

As we’ve said, you might not book one of these restaurants for a night out to impress a date (unless they love Hello Kitty or Halloween!) but they’re a whole lot of fun. Suspend your disbelief, pack your sense of adventure and enjoy! 

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