Thailand Toasties: Eating Cheap at 7-11 Thailand

Thailand 7-11 toasties guide

Thailand Toasties: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. If you’re like me when you reminisce about your travels through Thailand, the source of your longing does not begin with the beaches, the endless jeweled temples or elephant treks. It’s not the night markets, or the cheap massages that have you desperate for Thailand’s borders to […]

Meditation Retreats in Chiang Mai: Enter the Zen Zone

Enter the Zen: The Best Meditation Retreats in Chiang Mai

Inner Exploration, Among the Meditation Retreats in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and its gorgeous temples (Check out Wat Pha Lat if you don’t mind hiking), so it’s no surprise that meditation retreats are big news all across the city. Tourists flock to Chiang Mai from across the globe […]

Float Chiang Mai: The Joys of Being Alone in an Isolation Tank

Float Chiang Mai: The Joys of Being Alone in an Isolation Tank

Expanding Your Mind at Float Chiang Mai You’ve tried Thai massages, yoga, pilates and meditation, but what about the next big craze in the world of relaxation? Yes, we’re talking about isolation tanks! They’re dark, mysterious and beloved by celebrities and now you can get in on the act in Thailand. Float Chiang Mai is […]

Looking for a Place to Stay in Thailand? Here’s How

Bodega Bangkok Party Hostel

Thailand has always been one of the most visited and highly rated tourist destinations in South East Asia, and there are many good reasons for this. From exotic beaches with all-night Full Moon Parties to sprawling metropolitan cities with bustling nightlife to wonderful cuisine and culture, Thailand has it all. Local Thai people are so […]

Best Places to Watch the Sunsets in Chiang Mai

sunset in Chiang Mai

No need to get all romantic if you’re heading to some of the best places to watch the sunset in Chiang Mai. Surrounded by the stunningly beautiful nature of this countryside, you are going to catch some truly instagrammable moments.  Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Amazingly photogenic with its wooden huts tucked away amongst the beautiful trees. […]

Mo Pang Waterfall in Pai: Water Slides and Cascades

Mo Pang Waterfall Thailand

Mo Pang Waterfall in Pai combines fun and beauty in one day trip. When the heat of the city gets too much, Mo Pang Waterfall just outside Pai is the perfect place to go and cool off. The Bodega Pai crew tends to visit this natural wonder at least once a week! It’s popular with […]

Magic Mushrooms in Thailand: Shrooms with a View

magic mushrooms in Thailand

Everything you need to know to plan your trip! If you’ve ever wondered about doing Magic Mushrooms in Thailand then you have come to the right place. Somewhat aptly in a country known as the Land of Smiles, you’ll often see ‘happy’ or ‘magic’ items on the menu in cafes and bars around the country. […]

How to Shotgun a Beer: An Essential Read for Backpackers Everywhere

how to shotgun a beer

Want to learn how to shotgun a beer like a champ? Prepare yourself, you’re about to learn about one of the most legendary Bodega traditions. Spend any time with us at Bodega and you’ll quickly see or, better yet, take part in a shotgun. It’ll usually come as a reward, punishment or as a break […]

The Cheapest Drinks in Chiang Mai: How to Get Shitfaced on a Budget

cheapest drinks in Chiang Mai

Where are the cheapest drinks in Chiang Mai? Finding out where to get the cheapest drinks in Chiang Mai means going for a little tour around the city and exploring some of its classic backpacker haunts. The old town is a good place to start if you’re looking for budget price Leos and decent deals […]

Motorbiking the Mae Hong Son Loop: A 7 Day Northern Thailand Itinerary

Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

Motorbiking the Mae Hong Son Loop is the best way to experience it. Biking to Pai from Chiang Mai Ride the Mae Hong Son Motorbike itinerary either clockwise or counter-clockwise, both are stunning. Our personal preference is to head towards Mae Sariang first in a clockwise direction as the section of road between Chiang Mai […]