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On Sale July 1, 2021

BodegA Hostels


Great Vibes!

Great Parties!

Great Food!

Great Beds!

Bodega Hostels welcomes travellers from all walks of life and encourages all guests to throw their inhibitions (and maybe their pants) out the window! With endless great vibes, Bodega Hostels remains funky fresh throughout the daytime with chilled chats on the sofas and delicious bites rolling out the in-house restaurants. Come sundown, the party starts up; get ready for wild antics, shotgun challenges, and beer pong tournaments.

The Best Party Hostels in Southeast Asia!

With an unrivaled social atmosphere, our hostels are THE spot to meet backpackers to explore and party with. Nomads and locals alike come to hang out so finding a pal or five to invite to breakfast or share a beer with is easy. Bodega Hostels sees travel-veterans return time and time again, and welcomes newbies who don’t know their Khao San from their Kob Khun. Boasting top of the industry review scores across all platforms, Bodega Hostels caters to a wide variety of backpackers. This melting pot of people make up our community. You’ll arrive as a stranger, but leave as Bodega family!

At Bodega Hostels we’re proud of the well-oiled party machine we’ve built up over the years. However, when the drinks have been downed, the beer pong champion has been crowned, and the last backpacker has stumbled home, we’re also proud to offer our expertise in hospitality. Being master-partiers, comfort and cosiness are close to our hearts. Bodega Hostels boast the comfiest hostel beds in Thailand and each location has plenty of communal space for those ‘morning after the night before’s. Grab some grub, swap Facebooks with your new friends, and piece together ‘what even happened last night?!’. Bodega loves making memories and you’re invited to our daily events, group walking tours, and pub crawls. Join us for days you’ll never forget and nights you won’t remember…until we tag the photos that is!