Thailand Toasties: Eating Cheap at 7-11 Thailand

Thailand 7-11 toasties guide

Thailand Toasties: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. If you’re like me when you reminisce about your travels through Thailand, the source of your longing does not begin with the beaches, the endless jeweled temples or elephant treks. It’s not the night markets, or the cheap massages that have you desperate for Thailand’s borders to […]

Looking for a Place to Stay in Thailand? Here’s How

Bodega Bangkok Party Hostel

Thailand has always been one of the most visited and highly rated tourist destinations in South East Asia, and there are many good reasons for this. From exotic beaches with all-night Full Moon Parties to sprawling metropolitan cities with bustling nightlife to wonderful cuisine and culture, Thailand has it all. Local Thai people are so […]

W District is Bangkok’s Best Night Market You Haven’t Tried Yet!

W District Bangkok

W District. Your new favorite place in Bangkok.  W District has got it all if you are looking for a sensory overload. It has got to be Bangkok’s best night market. Especially if you’re a foodie in need of a food fest. So much more than just a market or a beer garden, it promotes […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Visit to Bangkok

tips for your visit to Bangkok

Thailand is a country known as the land of smiles and its capital city is Bangkok. Bangkok is renowned for its vibrant street life, gleaming temples, as well as an active nightlife. Because of this, the city center of the country has attracted travelers from all walks of life, with some never wanting to leave […]

The Best Restaurants in Bangkok with Delivery During Quarantine

best restaurants in Bangkok with delivery

The Top Restaurants in Bangkok with Delivery Don’t let the quarantine stop you from eating from the best restaurants in Bangkok! Although the coronavirus outbreak has slowed Bangkok (and the rest of the world!) to a standstill, that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice everything we love. In this article, we’ll be covering 10 incredible […]

Talad Neon Night Market: Futuristic Dining in Bangkok

Talad Neon Night Market

Talad Neon Night Market is a feast for the eyes and the senses. Located close to Siam Square and Sukhumvit, it’s a classic Bangkok food market mixed with a new-style entertainment venue and is a great place to hang out in the evening. It’s often called hipster but don’t read too much into that- there’s […]

High Class Clubbing at the Sing Sing Theater Bangkok


The Sing Sing Theater Bangkok is a bar, nightclub and theater experience all rolled into one Ashley Sutton has done it again- the Sing Sing Theater Bangkok is one of the most unusual places you’ll ever go clubbing. Part concept bar and part entertainment venue, Sing Sing Theater is a treat for the eyes and […]

Get Dinner with a Difference at These Insane Theme Restaurants in Bangkok


The Most Badass Theme Restaurants in Bangkok The new trend for theme restaurants in Bangkok has injected a load of fun into the capital’s food scene Forget about traditional dining, the new craze in town is to head to one of these great theme restaurants in Bangkok and just surrender to the kitsch! No, they’re […]

How to Shotgun a Beer: An Essential Read for Backpackers Everywhere

how to shotgun a beer

Want to learn how to shotgun a beer like a champ? Prepare yourself, you’re about to learn about one of the most legendary Bodega traditions. Spend any time with us at Bodega and you’ll quickly see or, better yet, take part in a shotgun. It’ll usually come as a reward, punishment or as a break […]

Cheap Flights in Thailand: Jet Setting on a Budget

cheap flights in Thailand

Making use of the cheap flights in Thailand. The Land of Smiles might not be the largest of countries in the world but it isn’t the smallest either, that’s why it’s worth investigating cheap flights in Thailand. Sure, flying is always going to be more expensive than other options such as the bus, train or […]