COHO Creative Partner Program

As the fastest growing hostel brand in Southeast Asia we are in constant need of help creating top quality content for all our properties. If you’re travelling through Thailand and are looking to add to your portfolio and become part of the COHO Family then look no further!

Calling all artists, musicians, photographers, videographers, content creators & influencers

Partner Program

This is the perfect program for all content creators! Drive your audience to make bookings through our website and earn 10% off every purchase made by that customer. This includes tours, room nights and all our merchandise.

Bloggers & Vloggers

Document your travel experience with us and we got you covered! We know you’re always looking for places to stay on your travels and we would love it if you stayed with us!

Photographers & Videographers

We always need more visual content to show off our amazing hostels and you can help us out! If you are travelling with your own gear let us know and we can arrange your stay.


We publish content on our blog on a weekly basis! If you’d like to become a guest writer in exchange for a stay at our hostels we can gladly arrange the opportunity!


We are always looking for beautiful people to show off our amazing hostels! If you’re making a living as a professional model in any capacity we’d love to set up a shoot!

Musicians & DJs

Music is essential to any party and at our hostels, we believe that a live experience demolishes any Spotify playlist! We are currently looking for guest artists and those looking for a long term stay.

Content Exchange Program

If your a photographer, dj, artist, musician, videographer, we will host you in exchange for your services Were open to all types of deals depending on your reach and audience

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