Ziplining in Phuket: Zip Zap Zoom

Thailand isn’t all beaches and limestone cliffs. Venture inland and the jungle begins to spread. The trees are tall, the canopies thick and the vines long. Usually reserved as a playground for the local primates, now it’s your turn to swing through the trees as you go ziplining in Phuket.

When you choose a company to take you ziplining you’ll likely be offered a variety of options. There’s a choice of half days, full days or multi day adventures. In this guide we’ll be focusing on one particular ziplining provider, Hanuman World Phuket. These guys are at the top of the game and provide an exhilarating and fun experience in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Not only that, they don’t just exploit the jungle but understand the need to work with it and preserve the natural ecosystem.

What is ziplining?

Imagine a cable strung between two points, a bit like an Indiana Jones rope bridge. Rather than walking on planks you’ll be strung up directly to the cable. Using your own momentum and gravity you’ll swing, glide and fly through the air to your next disembarkation point. It really is the closest that you’ll get to flying and realizing those ape life fantasies that you all have (right?). Easily the best exciting activity in Phuket, if you ask us.

At Hanuman, this isn’t for the faint hearted- don’t expect to be gliding along and brushing the ground with your fingertips. You’re going to ziplining tens of meters off the ground along wires hundreds of meters in length. In fact, the whole complex comprises nearly 80,000 square feet of ziplines, abseils and raw jungle! Don’t worry though, you won’t be having to cover much of that by foot as the ziplines do all the heavy transport.

The Experience

We’ll focus on a day trip as that’s the experience the majority of people opt for.

You can either make your own way to the center, or some agents can arrange a pick up from your hostel or hotel. Once you arrive you’ll make your way through a Jurassic Park-like visitor center where you’ll be briefed using a short health and safety video presentation. Do pay close attention as it can be the difference between having a great time and a slow laborious time. A ranger will meet you, brief you and kit you up. Most of the time you’ll be in a group and will take it in turns to zip and fly through the trees.

The Lines

If you’ve watched the safety videos then you’ll likely be feeling reassured. The most important piece of kit to learn inside out is the personal pulley. This allows you to clip from line to line and keep yourself from falling. The carabiner and lanyards are attached to multiple safety lines meaning that if one aspect fails then others jump into their place. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands!

This particular set up offers 3 different types of trip which allow you to visit all or select parts of Hanuman’s 30 different platforms:

World A – All 30 platforms, 16 ziplines, 3 abseil points, 3 sky-bridges and 2 spiral staircases – this is the whole package and will cost you 2,700 baht per person.

World B – 15 platforms, 9 ziplines, 3 abseil points, 1 sky bridge and 1 spiral staircase – this is the mid package and will cost you 1,900 baht per person.

World C – 7 platforms, 3 ziplines, 2 abseil points and 1 spiral staircase – the smallest package will cost you 1,500 baht per person.

We’d highly recommend going for the full package A if you can. You’ll really appreciate all that they have to offer plus you’ll get to enjoy the longest ziplines and the highest abseils!

#BodegaHostels Insider Tip

Make sure that you arrange your trip in advance! There are multiple agents in Phuket who can assist you, just head for the usual places near the beach in Patong, Old Town Phuket and other tourist areas. This is a big attraction for the island so you won’t have to search for long. Do be sure to check for the most recent prices online as sometimes booking direct is a cheaper alternative!