Reflection on a Week-Long Stay at Bodega Chiang Mai Thapae

My Last Day at Bodega Thapae

In my last day of a week-long stay at Bodega Chiang Mai Tha Pae, I’m realizing a lot of things about it here – but mainly, that Bodega is exactly what you need it to be. Yeah, you. Guy with the Hawaiian t-shirt aiming for six years of your life on the beer pong table. Girl reading the Arthur Golden book with a small flashlight. Boy who just got a bamboo tattoo from a monk in a temple here (and do tell me how you convinced that monk, please). Lady wearing Birkenstocks and a sarong as a crop top. All of you.

Some people like to party, some people like to chill. But more than likely, you like to have high-energy times sometimes, and low-energy times at others. You’re just out here to have a good time – but that definition can change.

There are 2 Bodega locations, and each has their own vibe – but being 10 minutes’ walk from each other, you can get whatever you’re looking for. Thapae, with its pool, open environment and quiet dorms, is chiller – perfect place for a night with friends, a lazy afternoon, a good sleep, hangover recovery, or a great swim. And Party Hostel, located in the city’s center square near such poppin’ spots as Zoe in Yellow and Zoom Bar, lives up to its name. On Chiang Mai bar crawl nights, we take a red songthaew taxi there.

There are party staff, there are staff that stay behind for the people that do, there’s a kitchen, there’s a bar, there’s all-day breakfast. There are bar crawls, beer pong tournaments, and a pool. There are trips to elephant sanctuaries, sticky waterfalls, ziplining, water parks and more. There are people employed specifically to make sure everyone is having a good time.

There is something for you at Bodega.

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