Coffee with a Twist: Waffle Cone Lattes in Bangkok

Eat Dessert First, Life is Uncertain: Waffle Cone Lattes in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to some weird and wonderful drinks, but the newest kid on the block is a taste sensation that you won’t want to miss: waffle cone lattes!

If you think you’ve tasted all that Thailand has to offer, then think again. Bangkok is home to countless unique cafes, each with their own gimmick to make them stand out. Ever had avocado krapao? Or how about floral themed smoothies? Local café Kof has come up with an ingenious way to drink coffee and have a dessert all at the same time! If you think it sounds a bit unusual then you’d be right, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, right?

KoF Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

The Basics are Brilliant

Let’s take a look at what goes into these brilliant latte drinks. A crunchy homemade waffle cone is dipped into chocolate rim-first, so the chocolate drips down the side in a way that will make your mouth water. After the chocolate layer has hardened, hot coffee is poured into the cone and hey presto, waffle cone latte!

What makes it so good? Well the heat of the coffee starts to melt the chocolate on the inside of the cone as soon as it’s poured in, so the chocolate mixes with the coffee to create a rich, creamy latte coffee. It’s genius!

waffle cone latte barista in Bangkok, Thailand

It’s a messy business!

We wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t tell you the downsides to these lattes. It’s not about your waistline, don’t worry; it’s the fact that the lovely, delicious, rich chocolatey liquid does have the tendency to melt its waffle holder! Once the friendly café assistant has poured your drink, you’re on borrowed time until you have to stuff the whole thing in your mouth, cone and all. This isn’t a real hardship we can assure you! Just make sure you don’t wear a white t-shirt…

A Completely New Flavor Sensation

These delicious treats aren’t just for the coffee lovers among us. Sure, you can grab a classic coffee and that’s a good choice, but how about changing it up with a green matcha tea instead? The chocolate melts just as well into that one too! Or what about a hot chocolate waffle cone? Yep, the chocolate rim melts into chocolate drinks inside giving DOUBLE chocolate! What’s not to love?!

macha waffle cone lattes in Bangkok, Thailand

Environmentally Friendly Snacking

No visitor to South East Asia is able to avoid seeing the scourge of plastic that has spread its way across the continent. Dealing with plastic waste is now a global priority, and the piles of plastic coffee cups that are used the world over are one of the biggest problems. Where the waffle cone latte scores highly is the lack of any cup at all- the waffle cone is the cup and you can get rid of that very happily, right? No waste, so you may as well have two. You’re saving the planet!

Waffle Cone Lattes are Cheaper Than You Think

If you think that these waffle cones sound like an expensive treat, don’t worry- all the flavors only cost 140 baht, which works out as a little over $4. Kof also sells a range of other unusual drinks at decent prices- how about trying a honey bee latte, or a green tea with popping candy on top? There’s plenty to try on the menu.

original flavor waffle cone lattes in Bangkok

Go Give Kof Cafe’s Waffle Cone Lattes a Try!

You can find Kof café in the J Avenue Mall in Bangkok, at 323 Sukhumvit Soi. Open from 7 AM to 8 PM it’s a good place to hang out for brunch or afternoon tea; the air con is cool and the atmosphere friendly. Forget the ice cream waffle; it’s all about the coffee!

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