How to Have a Fruitful Trip in Thailand at the Lowest Cost

Thailand is a heavenly destination known for its incredible beauty, unique culture, and various activities. Whether you’re looking for a destination with fascinating beaches to relax and enjoy unique watersports or a place filled with rich culture and activities to get your adrenaline pumping, Thailand has it all. With this wide variety of activities, here’s how to have a fruitful trip to Thailand at the lowest cost possible: 

nightlife in Thailand

Book Your Activities In Advance 

One of the things that makes a huge difference in terms of expenses is being prepared in advance. You can get to browse the numerous activities that Thailand has to offer and book online, helping you save up a great deal of money. With many websites offering a wide variety of activities, you can use a Klook discount code or find discounted activities all ready to help you get the most out of your trip with the least budget possible. These discounts could help you save up to $40 off on some activities, making it extremely effective. The sooner you book in advance, the more certain you’ll be able to find cheaper prices and guarantee that the discount codes haven’t run out.


When it comes to accommodation, it will be easy to find a cheap place to stay. In most cases, you don’t even have to book in advance as there are countless options available. However, if you’re arriving late at night in Bangkok, you should have that night at least booked in advance, or the locals will easily take advantage of your situation and charge you higher rates. One important factor to remember throughout your trip in Thailand, and especially when it comes to accommodation, is that bargaining is key, especially if you’re a tourist. Don’t take the rate they give you and just go with it, but try to bring it down at least 50% and see how much cheaper the accommodation will be. Whether you want to stay in hostels, hotels, or private villas, Thailand has it all and you’d be surprised at the convenient prices that most places offer. 


Getting from one city to another is pretty easy in Thailand with various options available. There are a few low-cost airlines that you can get really cheap flights on, but that’s always better to book in advance to ensure that they don’t run out. As the date of the flight approaches, the cost of the tickets tends to increase, too. So, if you’re planning on using flights between cities, you should definitely book ahead to get a good deal. However, the transportation system in Thailand is pretty good if you have the time. Trains run frequently at very low costs from one city to the other, but they stop pretty much everywhere, requiring a traveler to have more time on their hands to be wasted on transportation. During the peak seasons, the trains can get pretty crowded, too, so if that’s the means of transportation you’re opting for, then you should book ahead. Other options include buses or even tuk-tuks if you’re looking to move around within the city. 


Thailand was once a dirt-cheap country where everything was extremely affordable. However, with the number of tourists (who are willing to pay large amounts) taking over the country, it is easy to find yourself paying a lot more than you should be. In order to avoid that, you should usually stick to where the locals are. When it comes to food, you’ll find that there are international restaurants and cuisines that are targeted towards tourists and can really break your bank. Instead of resorting to where the tourists dine, you’ll find street food in Thailand not only easily accessible but also full of amazing food that your taste buds will absolutely love. However, even when it comes to street food, especially in bigger cities, you’ll find that street food trucks and carts located on the sides of the main roads are a bit more expensive than the rest across the city. To try and save up as much as possible, head to the carts available on the smaller roads and try to avoid eating too much meat. 


If you’re looking to enjoy Thailand’s nightlife, but still want to do it on a budget, there are ways to get around the costs that will help you party all night and drink the night away. The first rule would be to forget about trendy bars and clubs where the tourists choose to hang out. Instead, you should head to the convenience stores and buy your own cheap booze or head to the smaller streets where the regular local bars are located and don’t even charge a cover. 

One of the cheapest options you’ll find in Thailand is Ya Dong, which is their home-brewed moonshine liquor. A small flask can be sold for as cheap as 20-30 THB which could be even less than $1. All you have to do is look for a booth on the side of the road with big jars of brown liquid and ask for Ya Dong. 

In order to party, you need to get yourself a booze bucket filled with a flask of Thai whiskey mixed with soda and Red Bull. Once you hit the bars, you’ll be able to party the night away, without paying a fortune on alcohol. You’ll find numerous places to dance all night long and locals will definitely add a cultural experience to your party, instead of hanging out with tourists who will only make you pay a lot more.

Thailand is an excellent destination to enjoy a vacation for all types of travelers. While it has become a lot more expensive with backpackers and tourists flocking there in numbers, it is still pretty easy to find reasonable prices as long as you stay away from the main touristic areas and just hang out with the locals. This will give you the opportunity to discover the true Thailand and reduce your expenses immensely, giving you the chance to enjoy what the country has to offer even more.

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