Cambodia is one of the countries in the Southeast Asia region. It has maintained its traditional and cultural elements and is one of the best places to go to rub shoulders with other cultures from far away. Personally, I recommend Cambodia if you’re into wandering around the luscious forest and enjoying the natural beauty of the beach. The country is famous for the Angkor Archaeological Park, it is being considered by UNESCO as a heritage site. The Khmer people and their deep cultural and religious history are on display on this marvelous ruins.

prep for travel to Cambodia

Taking a trip to Cambodia doesn’t really need meticulous planning as the country has been seen to widely accept foreign visitors in recent times. This has allowed the country to develop its tourism as part of its general economic strategy. Although it’s not that difficult to prepare to travel to Cambodia some of the country’s nuances are always important to note.

1. Travel Documents

Travel Insurance, don’t go without one. Cambodia requires 30-day visas for foreign visitors, however it’s not that difficult to apply for one. You can apply for it on arrival or through the government’s online portal for the e-visa. Keep mind of your important correspondence so that you won’t miss anything important while being out of the country.

2. The Language of Money

Cambodian Riel is their currency, but some establishments accept dollars. Like many of the Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia is relatively cheap so you’d find it easy to provide for yourself when you’re there. A typical budget for a day would be from $20 – $30 that’s for food, lodgings, and transportation. Bigger cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Riep would definitely be more expensive, but there it is easier to find things you’d be needing in your trip.

3. Be a Smart Traveller

When traveling, taking the time to make things easy and comfortable even as early as getting to the airport is important. If you are traveling from Florida parking near Miami airport is a great start in keeping things convenient, you will need your energy to enjoy Cambodia. Learning about the country and its history is also a good way to start your trip, this will give you a background on where you’re heading. It will also give you a deeper sense of appreciation once you’re there.

4. Know the Sites

Try to list down the sites and destinations you will be visiting when you’re there. Also, plan your day so that you won’t be wasting time crossing all over the place. Cambodia has a litany of famous sites: Angkor Archaeological Park, Ruins in Ta Prohm, Sihanoukville and the Islands and many more. Cambodia gets very hot and also rainy, so wear light and breathable clothing, but also prepare a rain jacket. If you visit a religious site, then you might want to wear the appropriate clothing so you can have more access to the other parts of the temple. Avoid shows that use animals for entertainment, nor don’t take elephant rides. These animals are suffering the worst cruelty just to provide a good show so do them a favor and don’t patronize these businesses.

5. Safety

Although Cambodia is a safe place to visit, it is wise to always be mindful of your belongings. It is not unusual to have your bags snatched away in the cities. Avoid using expensive gadgets or take extra care if you can’t help it. Do go to the far rural parts without a guide. Tuk-Tuk is a great way to move around the city. They also have buses for long-distance travel.

Traveling is enriching it gives you memories and experiences that no one can take away from you. Cambodia is still considered a developing country and poverty is still high among its people, but with whatever they have they will share it with you. Your visit there will run deep personally if you can get to know its people better.