The Best Travel Subreddits for Backpackers and Travel Bloggers

Good Karma from the Top Travel Subreddits

Our favourite subreddits for travel bloggers and backpackers.

Reddit is regularly referred to as the front page of the internet. When it comes to searching out information for your next trip, there are some great places to find it on reddit.

Individual communities of reddit are called subreddits, each with a different theme. We’re big fans of the travel based ones since they’re a great place to meet other travelers and an even better place to promote your travel blog. Many have rules against self-promotion, but pretty much all of them allow sharing travel photos. That makes reddit is a prime place to promote travel photography and a difficult place to promote a travel blog.

The Best General Travel Subreddit: r/travel

If you’re simply looking to get some inspiration for your next trip, read some general tips or help the wider travel community then this is the best starting place. It’s a one stop shop and likely going to be the first subreddit you subscribe to. It’s also by far and away the most popular of the subreddits on this list with over 2 million subscribers. Everything is covered here, from packing tips to hiking routes, camping spots to hidden treasures.

The Best Thailand Subreddit: r/ThailandTourism

They say there are no stupid questions but sometimes online communities will make you feel otherwise. r/ThailandTourism is an exception to the rule, where the average thread is full of useful information, travel tips and more. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ve asked a question that’s been answered (many times) before. In this case, you’ll just get referred to handy resources that should cover all bases. Kino af.

No bias here at all, it’s not like we have hostels in Thailand or anything ????

The Best Backpacker Subreddit: r/longtermtravel

Alright, sure there’s also r/backpackers which has a decent amount of information but often only touches the surface. r/longterm travel dives deeper into what it’s like to travel for a really extended period of time. We’re talking months and years at a time rather than a 3 week trip. If you’re planning on packing up shop for 6-12 months or longer, this is the subreddit for you. Get into the community by helping answer or asking questions.

The Best Travel Blogger Subreddit: r/digitalnomad

If you’re really into travel blogging and you write on the road then this is a great subreddit to hang out in. There’s ideas of side hustles and work which you might not have thought of, all of which can be completed remotely and anywhere in the world. You’ll meet like minded people and there are also plenty of opportunities to be had.

Honorable mention to r/writerforhire. Let’s be honest, your travel blog might not be bringing home the big bucks straight away. If you’re looking to make some money writing on the side the pimp yourself out on r/writerforhire, there are plenty of people looking to make hires.

Bonus: Check out our guide on how to start a travel blog if that’s your cup of tea!

The Best Travel Inspiration Subreddit: r/earthporn

Disclaimer: not porn and completely safe for work. r/earthporn is a collection of some of the best travel photographs ever collected. They’re often submitted by grizzled professionals looking to showcase my work, and boy are some of their shots breathtaking. The threads are almost always full of great information including the photos location and how to get there. Meaning you can see a photo, fall in love and plan a trip that takes you to that exact spot to live it for yourself. 

Eclipse Phases over Brasstown Bald, Georgia [OC] [2048×1365] from r/EarthPorn

Do you have any other favorite travel subreddits?

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. In fact, it’s just the start. But the best thing about Reddit is that you get to explore it yourself, get involved in all of the different communities and find out which subreddits work best for you.

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