Whether you thought of making a new year’s resolution list or your very own bucket list, it is hard to come up with exciting ideas of things to do when traveling. It can be difficult to narrow down the sights that you need to see during your life.

Worry not, however, because here are some of the best things to add to your travel bucket list to ensure that you get the best experience traveling all over the world.

1. Kayaking – With Whales!

During a certain time of year, mainly the summer months, you can have the pleasure of kayaking in Manitoba with the Beluga whales swimming right underneath your kayak. If you are lucky, one or two will even come up to you and enchant you with their unique look. Everyone can kayak, as there are different sized kayaks out there for all. While some bigger sized guys may think that kayaking is impossible, they can, in fact, easily find the best kayak for big guys if they spend some time browsing websites. You do not have to worry about missing out because you are a big guy since there are kayaks made just for that. There is nothing better than kayaking with these wonderful creatures so do not let such an excuse stop you from adding this to your bucket list

2. Machu Picchu Trek

If you are into hiking, then this is for you. Machu Picchu is a very popular site for tourists from all over the world. You can check out the ruins left from a time when the great Mayan civilization populated this place. You can even check out the paths that they used to travel from and to their place of residence.

machu picchu trek
Machu Picchu should be on the travel bucket list of every Ancient Aliens fan!

3. The Seven Wonders of The Ancient World

This is a must on every traveler’s bucket list. They might have changed the wonders of the world and given only the Pyramids of Giza an honorary place on the new list, but the old wonders are still as amazing as before. These wonders all over the world are going to take you back to different civilizations over the history of the world. You might even be surprised to find out how much of our lives today are affected by how these different civilizations lived their lives.

Giza pyramids trek

4. Sunrise in Ibiza

Ibiza is well known for the parties thrown on the island. Clubs there have parties all night long with both amazing music and an even more amazing atmosphere. You can end the perfect night of partying in Ibiza by watching a perfect one-of-a-kind sunrise over the clear water that is renowned worldwide.

5. Stay at An Ice Hotel

Did you know that in Sweden there are hotels made out of ice and snow? Not only are they entirely made out of ice and snow, but you can also catch a glimpse of the northern lights while you are staying there. It is an experience that is sure to end up on many people’s bucket lists because of how magical and unique it is.

Adding these five ideas to your travel list is necessary if you are an avid traveler or plan to visit amazing places throughout your life. Don’t forget to take as much out of traveling as possible, whether it is quality time spent with your family or friends or a new adventure you are undertaking alone.

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