Tiger Cave Temple Krabi Travel Guide: Up the Stairway to Heaven

Tiger Cave Temple: Krabi’s Temple in the Clouds

It also doubles as one of the most popular hikes in Krabi.

A visit to the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi is about more than just witnessing religious history. Sat on top of the romantically-named Dragon Crest Mountain it’s both a physical workout and a photographer’s dream!

Combining Buddhism, amazing views and a whole load of stairs, it’s a not-to-be-missed part of your trip to Krabi. And the best part? It’s completely free to visit! It’s the perfect break from the infamous party atmosphere of Bodega Ao Nang Party Hostel!

A Temple with More than Just Religion

When you first arrive at the Tiger Cave Temple, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s lacking some of the features you see elsewhere in Thailand. The reason for that is very simple  – the main event is 278 meters above you! Yep, you’ve arrived at the site but to get the views you’re going to have to head upwards.

There are quite a lot of steps to climb here – 1,237 to be exact. You can’t miss them because there’s a sign at the bottom of the stairway telling you how far you still have to go! Dig in and start climbing. If you’re here in the heat of the day, then wearing a hat is essential, as is some water to swig on the way. 

Don’t be afraid to make frequent photo stops to catch your breath, everyone does it! One section in particular gets quite a bit more vertical than the rest of the route. Take your time! There’s free drinking water at the top so you just have to make it up there. 

Get ready for some insane views of Krabi

Once you’ve made it to the top you’re treated to some absolutely fabulous views of the Krabi area. The limestone karst landscape spreads out around you and the viewing areas give you a 360-degree panorama to enjoy. Take your time, relax and take plenty of pictures! 

One of the best day trips in Thailand.

The Tiger Cave is about more than just views though, and there’s plenty else to explore. The cave at the bottom of the stairs is a great example of a Thai temple. Expect all the usual golden Buddha statues, heavily ornamented shrines and a wonderful, peaceful atmosphere. If you’re feeling religious then you can ask the resident monks to bless you on your visit. Just make sure you bear in mind the usual etiquette when interacting with the monks; check out our guide on how to visit a temple if you want some tips!

The rest of the grounds have a ton of prayer halls and outbuildings to explore, but to be honest the best things are the crazy painted sculptures of tigers and dragons. Time for more pictures! 

How to Get to the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi

To get to the Tiger Cave Temple from Krabi, we’d recommend either hiring a private taxi with a group of friends or renting a scooter if you’re able to ride and have insurance; it’s a 30-minute trip. If you’d rather go local then jump in a public songthaew truck and share the costs with a bunch of others, but make sure the driver knows where you’re headed before you set off. 

Alternatively, book on a day tour with a travel agent and combine a trip to the temple with the Emerald Pool thermal springs near Klong Thom waterfall. A bit more expensive than heading there yourself, but no stress!

Expert Tips for Visiting the Tiger Cave Temple

You won’t be the only things enjoying the temple when you visit. You’ll also be sharing the place with a whole load of monkeys! While these guys can be hilarious to watch from a distance, they’re actually pretty vicious and will steal your stuff given half the chance, especially if it’s edible or shiny. Keep your wits about you and your eyes firmly on these experienced thieves to avoid losing your lunch, or worse, your phone!

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