Phuket Pirate Party Booze Cruise

It really makes you feel like a pirate!  Phuket is surrounded by incredibly beautiful islands and you can visit the best of the best while fueling your day drinking needs with Bodega Phuket Party Hostel! We run the Phuket Pirate Party 3 times a month, so plan your backpacking trip around it because it is totally worth it.

Get ready for a day of drinking, talking like a pirate, taking in tropical paradise and more!

Phuket Pirate Party Booze Cruise

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Ahoy there ship mates. It be that time of the month again! 3 days a month, we be off to sale the seven seas in search of booty!

As always, everyone is welcome to come along on our treasure hunt so for anyone who be interested come join the party!

The Phuket Pirate Party begins with a meetup at Bodega Phuket at 11 AM. Transportation picks us up at 11:30 and then we set sail for a full day of partying on a pirate boat. The boat party ends at 7:30PM with drop off at our Phuket hostel. Well…it’s not like the party just stops so early in the night. You know how we do at Bodega, drinking til sunrise isn’t out of the norm at all.

What can you expect on the Bodega pirate boat?

  • Live DJs, all-day
  • Foam Party
  • Free shots!
  • Free buffet!
  • 40 foot water slide
  • Enough pirate costumes for everyone attending
  • Swimming in gorgeous, clear waters
  • All You Can Drink specials @ Bodega
  • Bar on the pirate ship (duh)

Note: The pirate party is subject to weather, so don’t be too disappointed if the waters don’t allow us a day of drinking. We can always drink off-balanced and tipsy like a pirate on the mainland. 😉🐦 Bird up!

Disclaimer: Tickets purchased via our website are in USD and reflect conversion rates as of July, 2020. We’ll do our best to make sure our prices are accurate but will always honor our original pricing in Thai baht (THB) if paid while at any of our hostel locations.

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