Things To Do Near the Bodega Chiang Mai Hostel

The Bodega hostel in Chiang Mai is located right in Old Town, Chiang Mai, close in proximity to many attractions.

Here are a couple things you should definitely see and do before leaving Chiang Mai.

Walking Distance 

Temples Temples Temples!

There are so many temples located right by the hostel, however our top favourite would have to be Wat Chedi Luang (..and you will understand why it was our fav).

Wat Chedi Luang Temple

This gorgeous temple is only a ten minute walk from the hostel with an entrance fee of 40 baht. It is a very ancient temple, built in around 1385-1402 – hence all its charm and beauty.

We would highly recommend visiting around closing hours, as the sunset view (7pm) from the temple was absolutely magical. The temple is also less crowded at this time and the heat is bearable later in the day.

The architecture of all the temples and sculptures are beautifully detailed, and the ambience of the whole area was so peaceful and calming. Something we have never experienced before.

Explore Chiang Mai

Sunday Night Market

This market is one of the largest markets in Thailand. It is conveniently and perfectly located in the Old Town centre of Chiang Mai, and stretches 1km down the full length of Ratchadamnoen Road.

The market starts at 4pm and runs until midnight every Sunday. Entrance is free but keep in mind that alcohol is prohibited. So get your pre-drink on at Bodega Hostel!

Here you can find many goodies; from tasty and crazy foods, to a variety of elephant pants, classic souvenirs, fashion items, home goods, and even individualised vendors that are selling unique and handcrafted items. 10/10 experience.

Some Spa Action

Feeling a bit sore, or in need of just some fine relaxation – Old Town Chiang Mai is the place to be. Massage and spa parlours are located on almost every street corner. These Thai massages provide some amazing muscle relief and are definitely not going to break your wallet. It’s a win-win. They range from 200-500 baht depending on the length and service selected.

Chiang Mai is also a great place to get a fish pedicure. Yup you read that right. Visit a fish foot spa and get your feet cleaned. However beware…. it does get VERY ticklish, so go at your own risk.

Spa Chiang Mai

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

This temple is about a 30 minute drive from Old Town (about 15km), located on Doi Suthep mountain. We took a Tuk Tuk to the base of the mountain because we found it to be the best and cheapest option. Also with those Bodega pub crawl hangovers, the last thing you want to do is hike a mountain.

This temple is again gorgeous like any other, and offers a stunning view from the mountain. We would recommend going on a day where the sky looks clear, as we got slightly unlucky with the view. (Nonetheless it was still incredible). Also, due to the higher altitude, don’t forget to pack an extra jacket or sweater, as it can get a little bit chilly.

There is an option to hike the mountain and it takes about 3 hours. Since we were a bit tight on time, we decided to take another TukTuk from the base of the mountain – and it was still reasonably priced.

Bua Tong Sticky Falls

Just an hour outside of Chiang Mai, deep in the beautiful forest lies Bua Tong Sticky Falls. A unique experience as the calcium-rich rocks, over which the water flows, gives the rocks a sticky texture and thus providing an incredible natural grip. There are various spots/levels where you can hang out and even sections that you can climb.

Besides the falls, there’s a large park area to chill and relax with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. There are many cab companies that will take you there, wait for you and drive you back for a fair price and the admission to the falls is free. It’s the perfect afternoon trip to cool off.

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