Island Living Eats At Incredible Themed Restaurants In Phuket

The best way to end a day on a southern beach is a visit to one of these crazy themed restaurants in Phuket. The décor might range from the wonderfully strange to the downright weird, but what they all have in common is delicious food and a big helping of fun. Read on for our recommendations for an unusual night out on the island.

Nicky’s Handlebar

This first pick is an expat classic. Nicky’s Handlebar is the product of a motorbike fan-scene that emerged about 10 years ago in Phuket, prompting local entrepreneur ‘Nicky’ Phonkaew to open a restaurant in homage to these amazing machines. The décor puts you in mind of a glorified mechanics garage but with decidedly better food!

While the original customers were mostly bikers, these days you’ll find local Harley Davidson fans rubbing shoulders with holidaymakers and the result is a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. The menu is western, with a cheeseburger setting you back 280 baht ($9) and a large sharing platter of ribs, wings, prawns and sides costing 495 baht ($16).

Address: 41 Rat-U-Thit 200 Year Road, Patong Beach

Hours of Operation: 7am – 1am

Contact: 076 343 211

biker themed restaurant in Phuket
Phuket Floating Restaurants

The great thing about the floating restaurants around the coast of Phuket is that they’re not just a place to eat, they’re also a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area. The themes of these joints are dictated by the location- the sea! Getting there is part of the fun as well, as your meal will start with a boat trip from Laem Hin Pier before you settle in for some great food.

In case it needs stating, these restaurants are best for those who love seafood! Local fishermen bring their catch to the restaurants every day, and you can stroll the watery enclosures picking which lucky (or unlucky) fish or crustaceans will grace your plate. A huge fishy feast might set you back about 800 baht ($25) per head, but it’s worth it! If you want a recommendation on which restaurant to start with then check out the Black Crab Floating Seafood Restaurant for a great rendition. Seafood restaurants in Phuket are everywhere but this is one of the best!

Address: 73 Laem Hin Road (for the pier), Ko Maprao, Phuket

Hours of Operation: 11am – 9pm

Contact: 081 271 6175

Barefoot Beach Shack
Black Crab floating restaurant in Phuket

You’re going to love this last place on our list. The Barefoot Beach Shack is an ode to laidback living, with an atmosphere that’s welcoming and relaxed. The décor could best be described as hippy chic, with floral cushions, psychedelic signage and multicolored furniture all creating a feast for the eyes!

The menu features simple western classics with some Thai favorites alongside, and dishes like the tom yam are particularly good. Expect to pay about 400 baht ($13) for a simple lunch with a beer or two. What’s not to love!

Address: Next to the Beach Restaurant by Loma Park, Patong Beach

Hours of Operation: 10am – 00am

Contact: 089 697 2337

best street food in Bangkok - pad thai

Our next choice is a different prospect entirely. Tamachart is an eclectic explosion of kitsch decoration, with a ton of reclaimed artifacts crammed into a dining space with a wooden treehouse vibe and a lovely feature fountain. Typewriters, masks, fish tanks, computer monitors and creepy dolls all jostle for space right next to your table!

The food is Thai and not particularly high end, but that’s reflected in the price and Tamachart represents good value for money. The som tam papaya salad is tangy and spicy for 160 baht ($5) and the deep-fried prawns are highly recommended for 220 baht ($7).

Address: 62/5 Soi Phuthon, Phuket Town

Hours of Operation: 10am – 23pm

Contact: 076 224 287

Insta-Famous Themed Restaurants In Phuket

A night out at one of these great themed restaurants in Phuket is the perfect way to end another day in paradise. Embrace the kitsch, look forward to some great food and get those weird photos on Insta! Just make sure to tag us @BodegaHostelGroup ????