Flying from Bangkok: Thai Visa Runs to Hong Kong

Hopping the border for a visa run is a rite of passage for long-term Thai visitors. Each visa will only last you 60 days, and even with visa extensions in play it’s likely that you’ll have to leave the country at some point to restart the clock. Thai visa runs to Hong Kong are super underrated, though it can get pretty expensive so make sure to do your homework and see if it fits in your budget!

There are a ton of companies all over Thailand offering you trips to visit Thai embassies in neighboring countries. A bus to Vientiane? Tick. A flight to KL? Easy! But what about venturing a bit further afield and trying Hong Kong for your next trip? We love it, and here’s why.

An Efficient Thai Consulate in an Efficient Megacity

The Thai consulate in Hong Kong is calm, efficient and convenient. You won’t find the crowds of Penang or KL here and that makes the whole process hassle-free and much more enjoyable. Hong Kong itself is a powerhouse of a place, and should be on the must-visit list of every traveler in Asia. No, it’s not particularly budget-friendly but if you’re only coming for a few days to get your visa sorted then there are plenty of ways to make it work for your wallet as well as your camera.

things to do in Hong Kong while getting a Thai visa

How to Apply for a Thai Visa in Hong Kong

The Thai consulate is located at Fairmont House on Hong Kong island. They observe both Thai and Hong Kong holiday dates so check that they will be open before you travel; there’s nothing worse than turning up clutching your documents only to find out that everyone’s on vacation!

The opening hours for application submission and visa collection are 09:30-12:30, Monday to Friday.

When you arrive at the office you’ll be given a number by the receptionist which enters you into a queue to be seen by an embassy official. When we visited, we took precautions and arrived with a book to settle in for a nice long wait. Amazingly, we were called within 10 minutes and were out of the building again in 20!

The length of time that you have to wait for your visa will depend on your nationality but for most people it could be a next-day service. To collect the visa, turn up and take a number again and prepare to once again be amazed by how short the wait is. When your number is called then head to the desk to collect your passport and that’s it! You’re all set.

How to Get to The Thai Consulate in Hong Kong

The easiest way to get to the consulate is on public transport, as traffic is a real issue in HK. Take the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) to Admiralty Station on Hong Kong island, and take exit B. Head up the stairs, turn left and head into the Lippo Center shopping precinct.

Take the escalator to the right hand side of the precinct and turn right at the top; go through the glass double doors in front of you and follow the footpath across a bridge. At the end of the bridge look left and you should see Fairmont House; take the lift to floor 8F and you’re there!

Pro Tip: Once you arrive in the Hong Kong airport, make sure to buy an Octopus Card! It’s basically your regular top-up card for public transportation except that it works pretty much everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Buses, taxis, ferries, 7-Eleven and even at most restaurants!

Hong Kong octopus card for public transit

Requirements for Applying for a Thai Visa in Hong Kong

In common with all other Thai consulates, it’s important that you turn up with the right documentation:

Things to Do in Hong Kong on Your Visa Run

You could spend weeks in Hong Kong and not get bored, but here are a few highlights to tick off the list on your short visit. Make the climb, or take the tram, up to Victoria Peak to view the city spread out below you, and take the ferry across the bay to Kowloon to look back at the iconic skyline of Hong Kong island at night.

Check out Nathan Road in Kowloon for some high-end retail therapy before hitting the Tsim Sha Tsui area in the evening for an amazing fusion dinner. Bar-hop using the escalators up the hills on Hong Kong island to see HK like the locals do, and end up with some karaoke in one of the many Korean joints on the back streets. It’s a fun place to be!

Visit Victoria Peak while on your Thai visa run to Hong Kong

How to Get to Hong Kong from Thailand

A return trip to Hong Kong from Bangkok costs anything from $180 to $400 US. From other Thai regional airports it might cost a bit more, so consider traveling to Bangkok before you fly out. The budget carrier with the most flights to choose from is Air Asia but Thai Airways also sometimes run promos so check with them too before you book.

Hong Kong might not be the most popular destination for a Thai visa run, but with its efficient consulate and great sightseeing opportunities it’s got a lot going for it. Buck the trend and check it out!