Talad Neon Night Market: Futuristic Dining in Bangkok

Talad Neon Night Market is a feast for the eyes and the senses. Located close to Siam Square and Sukhumvit, it’s a classic Bangkok food market mixed with a new-style entertainment venue and is a great place to hang out in the evening.

It’s often called hipster but don’t read too much into that- there’s something for everyone here, and you can go as old-school or as weird as you like with your food and drink!

Eating at Talad Neon Night Market

Treat a trip to Talad Neon as a chance to try some foods you haven’t come across before. The flaming cubed pork is great for fans of western BBQ, and the charcoal waffle pieces are a chewy, smoky delight. Fans of seafood will be wowed by the range on offer here, and we particularly recommend the giant octopus takoyaki batter balls. Crunchy, tender and dangerously moreish!

After you’ve had your fill of savory food then move on to the crazy selection of desserts on offer. The brightly colored Bingsuu fruit ices are cold, syrupy and sweet, and come topped with a mountain of glace fruit. If you fancy something a bit more conventional then head to one of the stalls selling chocolates and grab one of everything, they’re only a few baht each. If you want to go the extra mile and make friends with the locals learn a few Thai phrases to order your food, politeness goes a long way!

Talad Neon Bangkok

Partying and Drinking at Talad Neon

Now onto the important business of drinks at Talad Neon. The weirdly named Hinghoyzaa lemonades are notable for being served in luminous light bulbs that you can take away with you afterwards, although we can’t promise they’ll still work! For something with a bit of a kick then head to High Cocktail where you can get all your favorite blended drinks with an edible glitter twist. The bar looks like a science lab so you can sip your mojito in style. 

Alternatively, for a throwback to college then combine your dessert AND your drink and suck down an alcoholic jello shot! If they were good enough when you were 18 then they’re good enough now…

Souvenir Shopping

Once you’ve had your fill of the weird and wonderful food and drink then hit the shopping stalls for a spot of Thai retail therapy. Don’t expect designer gear and high-class souvenirs here, but do expect some fun kit that you may not find elsewhere. Molded phone cases, plush toys and customizable laptop cases all make great gifts and there’s stall after stall of handbags for those who don’t mind too much about authenticity.

Entertainment & Activities

You won’t get bored at Talad Neon with all the extras they throw in on your night out. Fancy yourself as a bit of a crack shot? Try the shooting games in the arcade section to win yourself a few prizes. Want to see the market from the air? Jump on the ferris wheel to get a bird’s eye view! 

There’s also a massage center on the roof of a nearby building for when your feet have had enough, and a barber shop to make sure you look sharp while you’re hanging out. A live band plays on the stage most nights, and a mini zoo sometimes makes an appearance! This really is a restaurant, shopping mall and entertainment center in one.

Talad Neon Night Market

How to Get to Talad Neon Market

There are two ways to get to Talad Neon and they both start by heading to Ratchathewi BTS station, and walking east along Phetchaburi Rd to the Platinum Fashion Mall. From there, assess your energy levels! If they’re lower then jump in one of the branded tuktuks which will whisk you to the market in a few short minutes for just 120 baht, or $5. If you’re feeling more energetic then just keep walking and you’ll reach the market after about 20 minutes.

Bangkok is a great place to stay and Talad Neon is a fun trip out! It makes a great change from the usual bars down Khao San Road. Get there early and make a night of it! 

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