The Taco Bell Grand Opening in Bangkok: Expats and Backpackers Unite!

Nothing but Smiles at the Taco Bell Grand Opening in Bangkok

Taco mascot suits, happy faces and massive orders would be how we summarize the Taco Bell Grand Opening in Bangkok! With Mexican food being tough to find in Southeast Asia, finding Mexican fast food is even harder. No longer will Bangkok suffer from a lack of Dorito-shell tacos!

Taco Bell is one of the world’s most recognizable brands, and as of January 2019 it’s landed in Bangkok! After months of hype, the first Thai store has finally opened and the burritos are flying out the door like hot cakes. We were pretty excited when Taco Bell Bangkok was first announced, so it was a big deal for some Bodega fam! The grand opening was a pretty big event by fast food chain standards, and here’s how it all went down.

Damn Fine Food From Taco Bell

For the uninitiated, Taco Bell keeps it pretty simple: Mexican-inspired food like burritos, nachos and of course tacos all served alongside treat like frozen smoothies and cinnamon-dusted buns. It’s spicy, tangy, salty and sweet- all the good things in life! It’s wildly popular across the United States and is spreading across the like of Europe and Australia, and now it’s Thailand’s turn to get a piece of the action.

The New Kid In Town Is Finally Open In Bangkok

With a menu as varied and versatile as theirs, it’s no wonder that Taco Bell want to try their luck in Bangkok. Mexican and Thai food share a lot of similarities around spice and the use of strong flavors and heat so it’s a match made in heaven!

Those who thought they could just rock up for a look at the new restaurant at 9 AM when the doors opened were sorely disappointed, though. The queue started to form at 10 PM the previous night! Yes, people actually camped overnight to be the first ones through the doors, the place is that popular!

So was it a committed die-hard Thai contingent that queued on camping chairs, spending the night outside waiting for their new favorite food? Well no, of course not. As you might expect, the expat community is pretty excited about this so the first three people in line were all from the Midwest of the good old US of A hoping for a taste of home. It was well worth it for them as they all got awarded a year’s free tacos for their troubles!

first customers at the Taco Bell grand opening in Bangkok
???? by John Cameron on Instagram

Taco Bell, But Not As You Know It

It would have been easy for Taco Bell to open an identikit restaurant in Bangkok just the same as in the States, but instead they’ve opted to adapt the standard menu to Thai tastes. The sauces are spicier (they’re called ‘Hot’ and ‘Fire’ to give you some idea!) and there’s less of a vinegar kick, and the all-new Kickin’ Chicken Taco is only available here in the Bangkok branch.

Add to that a couple of special-edition freezes like Mango Madness and Berry Blue, and you’ve got something new to look forward to here.

How To Get In On The Action

If you want to get yourself a spicy, crunchy taste of home then head to Rama I Road in Lumphini and look out for the shiny new exterior. The round-the-block queues might have died down but there’s still a healthy buzz here so follow the crowd from Siam BTS station and you won’t go wrong. The Taco Bell grand opening in Bangkok might mean they’re the new kid on the block but it’s landed with a bang so get over there already!

While there are some truly amazing spots to grab Mexican food in Bangkok, sometimes we just have that craving that needs to be put in check. Treat yo self!

Address: Taco Bell, G/F, MercuryVille, 540 Phloen Chit Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

Hours of Operation:10 AM to 10 PM, Daily


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