Tacos, Burritos, Chupalas and more: Taco Bell Coming to Bangkok (Fall 2018)

? A long-time staple in the North American fast food diet, the Mexican cuisine, cheap-eats establishment is finally making the push into Thailand. Taco Bell Bangkok will be the first on the menu, with possibility for more!

Taco Bell satisfies the cravings of late night hunger runs, a Mexican fix or simply a quick, cheap meal. Soon those visiting and living in Thailand will be able to appreciate the crunchy (or soft), fiery, tasty goodness that is Taco Bell. Joining the other group of Asian countries launching franchises of the Mexican brand, Bangkok is to be home of the first restaurant. Although, we’re sure more will spring up across the country before you can say Doritos Locos Tacos!

What even is Taco Bell?

? For the uninitiated, those who haven’t ever been and those who haven’t ever heard of it, Taco Bell is a straight forward fast-food chain that specialises in Mexican food on the cheap. Their $1 menu in the USA is incredibly popular and you can have yourself a serious feast for barely any money at all. Whether these prices convert when you’re eating in Thailand remains to be seen. Chances are it certainly won’t be as cheap as eating street food, but we imagine it’ll still be cheap!

Expect to be chowing down on burritos, tacos, chupalas, rice bowls, nachos and the rest. The food is famously fiery (quite possibly why setting up in Thailand seems a good idea!) but you can always mellow it out a little depending on your taste.

Taco Bell Bangkok better have Doritos Locos Tacos.

Taco Bell Bangkok Location

? While there isn’t currently any precise information about the restaurant, details have been promised to be released soon. We do know that it is expected to open either late 2018 or early 2019. The infamous Mahagitsiri family are the driving force behind the Thai launch. They also successfully bought the Pizza Hut franchise in Thailand and aim to expand its reach through a 1 billion Baht investment nationwide. The Taco Bell restaurants will fall under the Yum! umbrella company who also own Asian franchises of KFC and Pizza Hut.

We’re hoping the first is right on Khao San Road or somewhere close to Bodega Bangkok! ?

Bodegan Insider Tip

? Watch this space for more information on the launch of the Bangkok restaurant closer to the time. We’re sure to be wanting to visit as much as you will be. In terms of the menu, we definitely want to be diving into a Doritos loco taco. This hard-shelled taco is the usual taco shell but rather than traditional salted or plain maize it is made from a giant piece of nacho cheese flavoured Dorito. Quite the flavor sensation!