Samui Football Golf is a Perfect Mix of Sun and Competition

Samui Football Golf is the perfect Koh Samui activity, mixing sun, sport and a healthy dose of competition! If you love football and you love golf then you’ll love the combo sport! Or to be fair, even if you don’t love them then you’ll probably have a great time there anyway, as it’s less about sporting precision and skill and much more about having a laugh with your mates!

A Simple Concept

If you’re familiar with football and golf then the idea is probably not that hard to work out. There’s a golf course, and there are footballs, and you kick the footballs round the golf course. Simple! There’s less kit than playing golf as instead of clubs you’re using your feet, and it’s not as aerobically challenging as football as you don’t have to sprint about 19 miles to take part. Win win. Diving around for no reason like Ronaldo isn’t strictly necessary but might enhance the experience??!

A Tropical Attraction

One of the nice things about a trip to Samui Football Golf is that it’s sort of a sightseeing activity in itself as well. The course is a manicured tropical delight, with palm trees lazily nodding down the sides of the fairway and a coconut plantation running alongside. The water features put you in mind of some of the island’s plunge pools and there are brightly colored flowers all over the place. Basically, it’s a nice place to hang out!

17th hole at Samui Football Golf
Much Better Than a Good Walk Ruined

The famous saying about golf is that it’s a good walk ruined, but this isn’t the case here. The course isn’t huge (how far can you kick in one go anyway?!) but a trip around all 18 holes will add up to about a 1.5km walk. Of course, you can majorly add to that by being shit at football, and having to chase your shots all over the place! Even so it’s still a nice stroll in a beautiful place which will last about an hour, so you’ll still have plenty of energy left afterwards for a trip to the beach. You are on holiday, after all.

Samui Football Golf wants to test your skills!

If you’re a realist then you’ll take the easy route. If you’re competitive then you might take the hard route! Each hole is different, with lots of hazards worked in just like a normal golf course. There are dog-legs, coconut logs, bunkers, ditches and palm trees in awkward places to keep you on your toes. Winning here comes with some serious bragging rights so pick your route carefully!

How to Get to Samui Football Golf

Samui Football Golf is close to Chaweng Beach so it’s easy to get to with a songthaew or scooter near Bodega Koh Samui. Head to the beach road on the east coast of the island at 63/240 Moo 5, Bophut, 84320. It’s open from 10am until 18pm daily and comes in at 750 baht or $23 dollars per round of ‘golf’. Prove your prowess, beat your mates and have a great time doing it!

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