Missed your flight? Layover? Here’s the best spots to sleep in Suvarnabhumi Airport!

Traveling by plane can be a tiring business, so allow us to acquaint you with the best places to sleep in Suvarnabhumi Airport. This is the kind of knowledge that’s invaluable when you’re exhausted, mid-way through a long journey and longing for a bit of shut-eye before your next flight takes off! Whether you just need an extra 20 minutes before a visa run to Vietnam or you missed your flight entirely, knowing where you can take a nap is key. In an airport this big there are lots of options and here are some of the best.

where to Sleep in Suvarnabhumi Airport
Check out the Sleep Boxes!

New to the airport in the past couple of years, the Sleep Box accommodation option is a sleek and stylish complex of 12 rooms reminiscent of the Japanese ‘pod hotel’ idea. Rooms here are tiny (just four square meters) but you still get a bed, a charging point and a nightstand.

The walls are wooden, the pot plants soothing and the lighting muted so it’s easy to get a good sleep here. At 600 baht ($19) for 2 hours it’s not the cheapest option on site, but extra hours are only 280 baht ($9) each there’s no limit to how long you can stay. Find Sleep Boxes in the Floor B Airport Link Zone, just past the Airport Rail Link Ticket Counter.

Try Out a Transit Hotel

If you’ve got the cash to stay in a transit hotel then there are plenty of options. The Miracle Transit Hotel is actually in the transit lounge so you don’t even walk very far to get there! They have day use rooms which you can have for 6-12 hours, or there’s an overnight option too. A double room starts from around $70, but you’re guaranteed a quiet and undisturbed night in soundproofed comfort. Find Miracle on the 4th floor of the International Departures Hall, concourse G.

Make the Most of the Rest Zones

Suvarnabhumi Airport knows its clientele, so there are some dedicated Rest Zones that you can use if you don’t want to shell out for a room of your own. We’re talking reclining leather chairs, soft carpet and a whole load of travelers having a nap!

These areas tend to be pretty quiet so don’t head here if you’ve got a few beers on board and are feeling like a party. Everyone has the same idea here- grab a seat quick, lie down, shut eyes, immediately pass out. This is napping at its most efficient! Find the dedicated Rest Zones inside security concourses B and D.  

Grab a Comfy Couch

The next step down in comfort from the Rest Zones is to find a comfortable couch, and turn it into a bed by lying on it. Unlike many airports around the world, Suvarnabnhumi isn’t obsessed with making you sit upright in miserable discomfort all night so they’ve removed the armrests on lots of the seating! Praise be. We’ve found some really comfortable spots on the Observation Deck on Floor 7 so that’s a good place to head, but if tired travelers have beaten you to it then there are plenty of other spots too, just go for a wander.

Go full backpacker and kip on the floor!

If all else fails then there’s always the lowest budget, most widely available option of sleeping on the floor! It’s not the most comfortable but they’re never going to run out of floor space so at least you know you’ll always find a spot… Head to the basement for the best shot at a quiet place away from foot traffic and constant announcements. You might want to factor the availability of carpet into this one to make sure your hips survive the experience!

Extra Tips for Taking a Nap in Suvarnabhumi Airport

The airport can get cold, so bring a sweater and a light blanket (maybe ‘borrow’ one from your previous flight!). There are announcements pretty much 24/7 so earplugs are advisable, and if you insist on being clean then there are paid showers at the Miracle Transit Hotel or any of the airline lounges. Good luck finding yourself the perfect spot, and if it’s uncomfortable then just remember that in Thailand the destination is always worth the journey!