Why are Bodega’s Phuket Booze Cruises so good? Because They ARRRRR!

Who doesn’t want to be a pirate? No rules, the freedom of the open seas and as much rum as you can drink?! If this sounds like heaven to you then check out the Phuket Pirate Party Booze Cruise! This is The Phuket Party To End All Parties, and that’s saying something in the land of Bangla Road and Patong Beach.

Three times a month we take you and a whole shipful of worthy drinking buddies out to sea to down shots, talk like Blackbeard and check out some of the most beautiful views in Thailand. It’s worth timing your trip so you’re in Phuket for it, because it’s totally worth it!

Phuket boat party beers

What to expect on the Phuket Pirate Party Boat Cruise?

Get your landlubbin’ ass to Bodega by 11am for the kick-off of the party. Meet your shipmates, grab a beer or two at the bar and get ready to set sail. At 11:30am we’ll all hop aboard some transport to the beach and then boom, it’s sailing time! You’ve got a full day of pirate partying ahead of you.

The day goes a little something like this: listen to some music, have a drink, look at the views. Have another drink, sink a free shot or three, hi-five the live DJ. Jump in the clear tropical water, marvel at the amazing coral and sea life, feel thirsty, grab another drink.

And that might just get us to lunchtime! We know that drinking and swimming can build up a big appetite so we lay on a huge, delicious free buffet, all included in the ticket price. Make sure you load up on the tasty food as we’ve still got a hell of a lot of partying to do! 

What else do I get at the Phuket Pirate Party Boat Cruise ?

As if the beauty of the Phuket coastline and the best-stocked bar on the seven seas isn’t enough, there’s more fun to come in the afternoon. How about a foam party to get the boat rocking? Swimsuits on, drinks flowing, music pumping. This is Thailand partying at its best: hot, relaxed and a shitload of fun. And a 40-foot water slide off the boat into the sea? Yep, check! Challenge your mates to see who can make the biggest splash.

Oh and did we mention the pirate costumes? Yep there’s enough pirate-themed kit for everyone on board, so your Instagram is going to be slammed with pirate puns and sexy jolly roger-themed pics. 

We party on through sunset and don’t get back to Bodega until 7:30pm. That’s a whole lot of party for your baht!

Phuket pirate party boat

The party keeps going

Once you’re back at the hostel though, it’s not like everyone just heads off to bed. This is Bodega, duh! The party will keep on and on, maybe to the early hours, maybe through till dawn. That’s up to you. We believe in you. You can do it!

The Phuket Pirate Party Booze Cruise is more than just a boat trip

So let’s take another look at what you get for your money:

And all this for 1,600 baht? You can’t afford not to get on board!

Click the image below to get your tickets!

Phuket pirate ship navigators

Note: The pirate party is subject to weather, so don’t be too disappointed if the waters don’t allow us a day of drinking. We can always drink off-balanced and tipsy like a pirate on the mainland!