Pinball Machines in Bangkok: Tilt, Flippers and Balls

The Bodega Hostels Guide to Pinball Machines in Bangkok

Pinball has been the stalwart guardian of the arcades for decades. The familiar ping and clink as the ball bounces around the neon and chrome encrusted course along with the lights, noise and action are all a draw. Who wouldn’t want to be on the high score board of one of the pinball machines in Bangkok?

For the cost of a stick of satay you can buy yourself some awesome pinball action in Bangkok. Now that’s an offer that’s hard to refuse! If you’re completely uninitiated with how pinball machines work (say you’re not old enough or have never been outside?!) they work using a small metallic ball which you bounce around the table using a series of bounce pads, springs and flippers.

You don’t have a huge amount of control and there’s an element of chance, but skill in timing and power also come into it. Lose the ball enough times and you’ll run out of lives. Score enough points and you’ll be added to the neon glory of the high score board for all to see! Feeling keen to get involved in some action? Read on for our rundown of where to play pinball in Bangkok.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Who wouldn’t want to be playing pinball with Jonny Depp’s eyelined face staring coyly down at them? This is a great fun machine with features directly linked to the film franchises. Expect to be playing alongside galleons, treasure chests, skeletons, cutlasses and more. This machine specializes in precision gameplay so you’ll score more points for hitting exact targets rather than cumulative bounces.

The machine has been around for a while so don’t expect every feature to work like new. Looking to extend your game? Hit the treasure chest and light it up 5 times to get yourself the multiball and jackpot modes.

Cost: 10 baht

Location: The Mall, Bangkapi


The battle between The Autobots and The Decepticons has spilt over into the pinball world. Can you help Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the other Autobots defeat Megatron and their foes? Well maybe you can through playing on this table! It’s set within MBK which is one of Bangkok’s most famous shopping centers. Expect this table to assault your senses with deep bass, wild neon and rapid action. Be wary of the Megatron gameplay item, you’ll get yourself a multi-ball but they come out like an express train!

Cost: 10 baht

Location: MBK Mall


Who doesn’t like aging rock stars and powerful guitar riffs? Nobody that’s who. There are plenty of fun targets to aim for on this table, our personal favorite is when you hit the game mode which turns the machine into a jukebox meaning you get to pick a track from the AC/DC back catalogue.

Cost: 20 baht

Location: MBK Mall


This blockbuster film smashed the box office and now its your turn to smash the high score board. Set conveniently within Esplanade you can wrack up some points whilst completing your shopping too. The game is set to a deep blue background with a holographic display as well. There’s a great balance of fast and slow ball action which will keep you on your toes. Expect the multiballs to rack up quickly.

Cost: 20 baht

Location: Esplanade

#BodegaHostels Insider Tip

Some of these tables can accept notes but otherwise you’ll be looking for change. Thankfully most arcades come with handy change machines, although these aren’t always functional. If in doubt swing by a 7-11 and ask for some change before heading out. If you’re interested in oldschool arcade games, we know of a local hidden gem that we like to keep somewhat secret. Check out what it has to offer in this video by our Marketing Director, Chris Tweten:

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