Thailand’s 2nd Largest Island is a Blast: Partying in Koh Samui

Partying in Koh Samui may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is absolutely bananas. The laid-back vibes end whenever you want to turn up! After just a little time in Thailand, you’ll learn that every island here has its own unique personality – some are known for their insane parties, some for their unspoiled beaches, and some for their chill vibes. But sometimes, an island given such a label isn’t everything that it seems – it’s more. And what better place to challenge this label than at Bodega Koh Samui?!

Note: This is a guest blog through our Creatives Program – where you can stay at Bodega for free in exchange for collaboration on content!

Koh Samui isn’t Just a Spot to Relax

For its gorgeous locations, fantastic eateries and abundance of laid-back places, Koh Samui is sometimes thought of as a honeymoon spot, a Muay Thai training point, or a come-down island from the insanity of Koh Phangan’s full-moon parties. And while it does have all of these things too, Koh Samui is often forgotten for something that made it a destination in the first place: its insane party scene.

I’ve stayed in several islands across Thailand, Cambodia and more, and Koh Samui had the first true beach party that I had seen – I’m talking crowds of people dancing on the beach, in the sand, with six fire shows happening at once all around you, and the crashes of waves making a melody with the music, shouts, and sloshes of Leo beer.

And if for some reason you needed a change in location, you could then head over to one of the many late-night clubs and bars, particularly on Soi Green Mango (Green Mango Road), akin to Soi Cowboy in Bangkok or Bangla Road in Phuket. Everywhere on the island, you’ll find cheap drinks, music throwbacks and people looking for a good time.

Samui, with its abundant tourist resources, sandy beaches, coral reefs and coconut trees, is also home to some of the best and craziest parties I have attended in four months of traveling in Southeast Asia. And as you nurse your hangover the next day, you can head over to the beaches which – though spotted with tourists in some areas – have many quiet bits as well. Just a five-minute walk from Bodega Koh Samui, I found a spot on Chaweng Beach with emerald-green water, fine white sand and absolutely no people.

So feel free to come to the island for your come-down or your honeymoon – but you’ll have to make way for some loud, drunk and potentially naked Bodega partiers. At Koh Samui, you come down to turn up.

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