Partner with Bodega Hostels

Bodega Hostels is the original party hostel of Thailand and we’re constantly growing. With party hostels all across the country, you’re sure to see our Thailand Pub Crawl shirts on your visit to the Land of Smiles regardless of if you stay with us or not. We have many partnerships with local and international businesses to provide our guests the vacation of their lifetime. This ranges from the best tailor shop in Bangkok, cooking classes, ethical elephant sanctuaries, and any adventure you can imagine having in Thailand.

We strongly believe that hosteling is more about than just having a cheap bed to sleep in. It’s about meeting people from all walks of life, experiencing new cultures and exploring foreign territory with newly made friends. When guests stay with Bodega, they rarely leave without making lifelong bonds with our staff, guests and any others that join the party.

Every partner with Bodega Hostels stands by our company values. Values that we hold so strongly that our staff radiate them from their core. We take a stand against sex tourism. We take a stand against unethical treatment of animals. We take a stand against the vast amounts of pollution that Thailand has been facing in its crisis of over-development. We take a stand against any discrimination our guests may face and have overt pro LGBT policies.

We work with local businesses, startups, and a handful of international corporations that make our hostel experience just that much better. By becoming a partner with Bodega Hostels, you can:

  • Collaborate with a performance-driven marketing team dedicated to demonstrating ROI on all activities, so long as it acts as a positive force for our hostels’ culture and guests
  • Align your brand with an organisation dedicated to promoting intercultural exchange
  • Work together to make Thailand a better place for tourists and locals alike

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Bodega Hostels or would like more details, please send our Marketing Director, Chris Tweten an email at We’re extremely flexible in how partnerships work, so don’t fret if you feel your business is too small or that you may not have the resources to make it work. Let’s get creative, talk things over and brainstorm!

Our Partners

Leo Beer

LEO is Thailand’s most preferred beer – brewed to bond. Pop it open and join #LEOWorldOfFun! Bonus points if you shotgun a LEO and post a video in our Facebook Group, Bodegans 4 Life!

Celebrity Ink Thailand

Forget the crappy bottle openers and knick-knacks: The BEST souvenir from Thailand is permanent ink from Celebrity Ink!

South East Asia Backpacker A supportive community of travelers across Southeast Asia who share knowledge, articles & tips on backpacking in the region.


Cookly is an amazing platform for booking cooking classes for a truly authentic, local experience. Get a 5% discount with promo code: BHGCL5

Park Lane Tailors Bangkok

PARK LANE British Suit Tailor: The smartest of suits and dress come from bespoke tailors and in Bangkok, Park Lane Tailors are among the best. Treat yourself to the fine things in life.

HDF Mercy Centre

HDF Mercy Centre: Best known for aiding children in poverty by providing education and shelter, as well as being a strong force in combatting the AIDS crisis with help for both children and adults. They take a very direct approach to complex issues with simple, progressive solutions that impact thousands of lives everyday.