Park Lane Tailors: The Sharpest Suits in Bangkok

Looking Fresh to Death at Park Lane Tailors

Thailand has always had a fashion-conscious side. The way you dress is an extension of your person and therefore one must dress well to be accepted in Thai society. The smartest of suits and dress come from bespoke tailors and in Bangkok, Park Lane Tailors are among the best.

Walk along the right street in Thailand and you’ll regularly be shown a tatty laminated card with pictures of celebrities in suits: “my friend, come and get a specially made suit, very cheap”. You may well listen to this and go along with it. Before you know it, you’re forking out hundreds of dollars for a suit that you might be able to wear once before it falls apart literally at the seams.

Rather than take the cheapest (and therefore probably the most poorly made) option, go for a tailor that has experience and expertise. At Park Lane, the tailors have been crafting bespoke clothing for over 30 years. Now they’re modernizing the way they work to bring you not only an excellent tailoring experience in Bangkok but also an online store.

PS: Tell Roger, the owner of Park Lane Tailors that you’re staying with Bodega Bangkok and he might cut you a deal (or at least pour you a glass of whiskey from his collection)! ?

Roger Davies, owner of Park Lane Tailors Bangkok

The Tailoring Process

It all starts with an initial consultation at the Bangkok branch of Park Lane Tailors. The company is proud to British owned and many of the staff are also British with experience tailoring at home in England. During the initial consultation you will discuss your requirements. This might be a suit for a specific occasion or a piece that you want for regular use. The benefit of having a bespoke service means that you are the boss.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of Italian and English fabrics. They come in a wide variety of styles so you can be as reserved or as outlandish as you like. From there it’s time to be measured up. Measurements are taken from every part of the body to ensure that you have the very best of fits. At this stage you can also ask for any additional extras. Need an extra pocket for a specific device? It can be added. Looking for a looser or tighter fit? This can easily be arranged by the experienced team.

An excellent part of the service is that when the suit is finished and you’ve enjoyed using it then if anything changes to your body, for instance you lose or gain weight, it will be refitted for free within 3 years.

#BodegaHostels Insider Tip

Using the store’s online shop, you’ll be able to design your shirts and suits without any time restraints at all. You can also browse their materials online in advance so that you can have a good idea of what might be available before going in in person. If you’d like a truly personal experience then you can arrange for a tailor to meet you at your hotel, which is great in a city where the traffic can be an absolute nightmare! There’s nothing like having a tailor measure you up for your new threads before heading out on the town. You’ll look, and feel, a million dollars.

Visit Park Lane’s Website Here:

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