Introducing the Biggest, Baddest Chillest Hostel in Chiang Mai

While Bodega is best known for our wild nights and pub crawls, we’re bringing something completely new to the table with our new Chiang Mai hostel. We’ve already got one party hostel in Chiang Mai, so there’s no need for a second. The new Bodega Chiang Mai will be much more laid-back, to match the vibe of the city. You might be wondering what that looks like and we can summarize it in just 2 words: poolside cocktails!

With the successful launch of our first Bodega Resort location in Phuket, we were hungry for more. We’ve been eager to bring you the best Thailand has to offer by being the best Bodega we can be. Bodega Phuket Party Resort has been a huge hit, completely dwarfing our competitors’ booking numbers with our badass pool parties, massive combined pub crawls with our Phuket hostel and a Mexican-style cantina that just might be the best Phuket has to offer. Despite being a resort, the classic welcoming environment of Bodega hasn’t changed at all. You’ll feel right at home from the second you walk through the door!

Bodega Resorts soft launch party mountain view pool

And that’s exactly what we’re doing all over again in Chiang Mai. It will be the most chill, Hakuna Matata place to be in Chiang Mai. Hang out by the pool with badass cocktails by day – and get your buckets at our party hostel by night. Win-win!

Get your beauty sleep at our new Chiang Mai hostel.

We all need a break from drinking constantly while backpacking. Well, not everyone – but many of us do! Sometimes it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep, especially at a party hostel. That’s probably going to be the biggest difference between our new Chiang Mai hostel and the old. Besides, if you’re getting fomo, you can always just take a brisk walk over to the action! ?

How to Chill Out in Chiang Mai

If you’re looking for some relaxation on your backpacking trip, Chiang Mai is the place for you! The pace of life slows to a crawl and gives an easy-going vibe that can’t be matched elsewhere in Thailand. With chill vibes, comes extra chill activities. Maybe a hike does the trick for you. Maybe clean eating and bonding with elephants is more your jam. Whichever way you choose to unwind, there’s something here that will scratch that itch:

Temples and Hiking in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has a completely unrivaled laid-back atmosphere to it that attracts digital nomads from all over the world. Combine that with its excellent food (and coffee) scene, cheap living cost and temple hikes galore – it’s hard to beat! Most of the best temples in and around Chiang Mai are best experienced as a full day trek (or longer). Our favorite is Wat Pha Lat, but there are plenty more hikes in Chiang Mai that are worth checking out.

hiking in Chiang Mai to Doi Suthep temple

CM Elephant Sanctuary

Thailand and elephants are almost synonymous at this point, as we’re sure you’ve seen while touring the country. Every backpacker and their grandma owns a pair of elephant pants. They’re on the Chang Beer logo. But best of all, there are ethical elephant sanctuaries that you can visit to play with, bathe and feed elephants at!

We run an elephant sanctuary tour twice a week in Chiang Mai, click here for more info.

feeding elephants at Chiang Mai Elephant Home

Meditation Retreats in Chiang Mai

Here we arrive at the far end of chill activities in Chiang Mai: meditation retreats. While yoga and meditation aren’t for everyone, it’s definitely a big attraction to the city. I, personally, can’t sit still long enough to thoroughly appreciate a meditation retreat but many of my friends swear by it.

CC's Hideaway Meditation retreats in Phuket, Thailand