3 Amazing Nail Salons in Chiang Mai Worth the Baht

Sharpen up your shot-lifting hand with a trip to one of these great nail salons in Chiang Mai. The beauty industry is big business here, so there are some great choices for you to take a look at, and what better way to get set for an epic Bodega night out than letting these experts go to town on you! Spots in Chiang Mai are every bit as top notch as nail salons in Bangkok, so here’s our pick of the best.

Chez Charlotte Nail Spa & Salon

If you’re looking for a nail salon with a full range of services then check out Chez Charlotte, with one branch in the Shangri-La Hotel and the other at the Richco Center. They’re good at all the usual treatments you might expect like nail add-ons, polish and polish removal and nail extensions, but they also go much wider than that.

If your nails need a bit of TLC before you start then grab a classic manicure (200 baht, $6) or go crazy with a deluxe mani-pedi (700 baht, $22). If your hangover has got the better of you and you’re looking a bit worse for wear then treat yourself to a haircut from their experienced stylists (from 500 baht, $16) and if you want to make sure you’re ready for anything that happens on one of the infamous Bodega pub crawls then get waxed (from 400 baht, $13). The décor is sleek and the staff professional.

Hours of Operation: 10am – 8pm daily

Address: Shop 6, Shangri-La Hotel, Changklan Road and 357/2 Sompod 700 Year Road, Chiang Mai

Contact: 064 956 2466 and 064 956 2466

Nimman Nails

Located smack bang in the middle of the digital nomad heaven that is Nimmanhaemin Road, Nimman Nails specializes in nail treatments of all kinds with a bit of waxing on the side. Visitors rave about their gel nail applications and if you’ve got an artistic side then feel free to invent your own design using glitter, rhinestones and flowers and they’ll do their best to recreate it on your hands!

A simple nail color application is cheap and cheerful at 150 baht ($5), and a hand spa with color added at the end is still affordable at 500 baht ($16). If you’re feeling brave then how about going for a Brazilian wax? It doesn’t hurt THAT much… (lol)! At anywhere between 800 and 1300 baht ($25 to $41, we weren’t brave enough to ask what the price difference would be based on!) it’s a good way to stay comfortable in the heat!

Hours of Operation: 10am – 9pm daily

Address: 51 Nimmanhaemin Road, Tambon Suthep, Chiang Mai

Contact: 053 227 490

Nimman Nail Salon in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chic’s Nail Salon

Look through the window at Chic’s Nail Salon in the Old City and you’ll see a symphony of cream and pink. From the sumptuous armchairs in the waiting room to the pretty design touches in the treatment rooms, this is a comfortable place to get smartened up! They offer nail treatments, manicures, massage and waxing and pride themselves on providing western-style services in a classic Thai beauty salon.

If you fancy some gel extensions then you’ll be paying 1200 baht ($38) with shellac, and you can add an extra 150 baht ($5) if you want to add some nail art on top. Where Chic’s is a bit different to the other places listed here is that you can get a massage while you’re there as well. Getting a traditional Thai massage (200 baht, $6 for an hour) is a rite of passage in Chiang Mai but it isn’t for the faint-hearted. These massage ladies are strong! If you fancy something a bit more relaxing then go for the Hot Oil Massage option. It’s slightly more expensive at 350 baht ($11) but will have you floating out the door afterwards.

Hours of Operation: 10am – 9pm daily

Address: Seeley G. Mud building, 187/2 Ratchapakhinai Road, Chiang Mai

Contact: 081 594 2730

Western-style Nail Salons In Chiang Mai

No matter which of these three nail salons you visit in Chiang Mai, you’re gonna be impressed with their professional service, western-style treatments and competitive pricing. You’ll have your hands looking great in no time. Quick, get to Zoe in Yellow to show them off!