Inside the Best Muay Thai Gyms in Bangkok

The Muay Thai experience typically ends after fight night, but many seek out Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok to experience it firsthand. Sounds a lot more exciting than a trip to a museum in Bangkok, right? Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

These guys (and gals) are super fit and you can bet that they spend serious time at the gym, most precisely in one of the many Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok. So if you want to get fit, increase your stamina and work on that cardio, you definitely want to learn Muay Thai in Bangkok. If you are going to take classes in Muay Thai, make sure that you join not only a reputable gym but also one that works with beginners (and foreigners). All these gyms are.

Elite Fight Club

“Champions are made, not Born” at Elite Fight Club. Training under the guidance of

the infamous trainer Ajarn Gae, he has a wide variety of Muay Thai classes in Bangkok, including Muaythai Expat especially for foreigners.

A sport, which requires great mental agility and strength, has seen Gae expanding his network of Muay Thai Gyms in Bangkok throughout Thailand and beyond to countries like Australia and Germany. Perfect for trying the sport at home before signing up to his more intense program, Muaythai Fighter.

Elite Fight Club Muay Thai Gym in Bangkok

Yokkao Training Center

At Yokkao Training Center, those endorphins are about to get pumping. If you’re seriously want to learn Muay Thai in Bangkok, a drop-in class with toughest Muay Thai Fighters in Thailand will be an incredible experience.

As a beginner, your training session isn’t going to be that easy with a training plan like this:

If you want to take your training to the next level, you could always have a private session with Muay Thai living legend Saenchai, just remember as you’re icing down those aching muscles that you’ve had the chance to train with the best at one of the top Muay Thai classes in Bangkok.

Yokkao Muay Thai Gym, Bangkok, Thailand

Khongsittha Muay Thai

The majority of Muay Thai Gyms in Bangkok are just that. A gym with no other facilities and certainly no accommodation. Even though the social aspect of these gyms are great motivators, sometimes you need something more. Khongsittha Muay Thai is different as it offers all-inclusive long stay packages.

Why not stay at a boutique resort AND learn Muay Thai in Bangkok? At Khongsittha Muay Thai, you are there not only to improve your understanding and knowledge of Muay Thai but also to train you mentally, emotionally and physically for a Muay Thai fight or just for everything that life throws at you.

beginner Muay Thai lessons in Bangkok