Mo Pang Waterfall in Pai combines fun and beauty in one day trip.

When the heat of the city gets too much, Mo Pang Waterfall just outside Pai is the perfect place to go and cool off. The Bodega Pai crew tends to visit this natural wonder at least once a week!

It’s popular with both tourists and locals so you’re not always going to have the place to yourself, but where’s the fun in that anyway? This is the perfect place to grab a few mates and spend the day sunbathing, exploring and dive-bombing each other!

What’s special about Mo Pang Waterfall?

Where Mo Pang wins against other waterfalls in the north is the number and length of the cascades. When you arrive and make the short one minute walk from the car park you might be a bit underwhelmed by the small stream you find gently flowing over boulders into a plunge pool, but fear not. That’s just the start of the fun!

If you explore further downstream then you’ll find a whole series of drops in river level, meaning multiple pools and falls to enjoy. And the best bit? The natural water slide! You can have hours of entertainment here flinging yourself down the smooth rock into the cool water below. Bonus points for chucking your mates down!

When should you visit Mo Pang Waterfall?

More rain means more water, so wet season is of course more impressive than dry season. The waterfall never dries up though, so it’s still worth a look if you’re in town between November and April. If you do happen to visit when it’s raining then watch out underfoot as the rocks can get really slippery. It’s less fun falling into the river if you weren’t meaning to!

How to Get to Mo Pang Waterfall

If you can confidently and legally ride a scooter then rent one in town and use that to visit Mo Pang. If you can’t or don’t want to ride a scooter then a shared songthaew taxi is the next-best option, but make sure to negotiate with the driver about waiting or coming back to get you later as it’s a long walk back if you haven’t got wheels!

Other Cool Spots Close to Mo Pang

The falls are really close to the Yun Lai viewpoint, which is famous as being the best sunrise spot in Pai. It means an early start but there’s something incredibly relaxing about getting up early, heading to Yun Lai to watch the light slowly spread across the mountains, before dropping down to Mo Pang for a morning dip. 

Our Top Tips for Visiting Mo Pang Waterfall

There’s no entry fee at Mo Pang Waterfall so the most you’ll have to pay is a small charge to park your scooter. Take the road west out of towards Wat Pa Ban Ya Po temple, past the Santichon village, and follow the signs. 

If you visit early then you’re more likely to have the place to yourself; visit later for more of a communal fun atmosphere and the chance to buy drinks and snacks from the local kiosks. 

Above all, just head there to relax and enjoy it. This is chilled out, laidback Pai at its best! If you enjoyed Mo Pang waterfall then check out these waterfalls in Phuket!