Crazy Rich Asians Director, Jon Chu Making Film on Lod Cave Rescue

Crazy Rich to Crazy Heroic: Jon Chu Wants to Make a Film About the Lod Cave Rescue

It was the story of the year. A team of young footballers on a fun day out got into life-threatening difficulties underground, and the whole world pulled together to get them out alive. Now a director better known for Hollywood blockbusters is interesting in getting the story onto the big screen.  

There wasn’t a single person who didn’t fear the worst when the news came through that a team of young Thai boys had been lost underground amid rising flood waters and worsening weather. How could they possibly survive? It was the stuff of movies and Jon Chu, a director who has recently seen global success with the rom-com smash hit Crazy Rich Asians, wants to bring it to a screen near you.  

How did the Lod Cave rescue story unfold?

It was the afternoon of June 23rd when the boys and their coach entered the caves near Pai, in northern Thailand, to explore the underground tunnel system. Were they unprepared? Probably, but they’d been there dozens of times before to initiate their new players into the squad.

Something went wrong this time, however, and when the group tried to leave the cave they realized that the water was rising and their exit route was flooded. Forced to retreat further into the cave, they had to huddle together on a 5-foot shelf and wait for rescue. It was a dark, wet, chilly place for twelve young boys and their coach to sit and wait for rescue. Cue the world swinging into action to find them, and bring them out alive!

If you’re in Thailand right now and want the full scoop on the story, check out the museum exhibit for the Thai cave rescue!

Lod cave rescue exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand

A Perfect Story for the Big Screen

As Jon Chu has commented, this is a story that deserves to be told. It’s got a little bit of everything! Suspense, as the world waited with baited breath to see if the group would be found alive; joy, as the first contact was made with the group and the news filtered out that they were all OK; bravery, as an international team pulled together to design a way to bring the group out without injury; and a hero, as former Navy Seal Saman Kuman lost his life taking oxygen and supplies to the boys.

The casting is still up in the air, but Chu has a great track record of using Asian actors in his films and this one is tailor-made for some up and coming Thai stars. Crazy Rich Asians has recently launched the careers of several actors and actresses and this film is likely to offer the same ‘star’ effect.

Patience is a Virtue

You’re probably sitting there thinking “Yes, great idea for a film, when can I see it”? Well therein lies the problem! There are several filmmakers who are interested in the story but no one has actually started filming anything yet, and the quality of the other productions is likely to be ‘variable’, shall we say…

It takes time to make a great film and Chu is still in the discussion stages of his production, but the one thing we know is that when it’s finally made, it’s going to be worth the wait!

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