The Night Shift: Late Night Cafes in Bangkok with Free WiFi

Not everyone gets to spend their whole time in Bangkok exploring markets, drinking on Khao San or investigating temples. Some have to work. Thankfully Bangkok is full of work spaces and for those who like to work late these are our favorite late night cafes in Bangkok with free WiFi.

Co-working spaces, cafes and even some restaurants offer great places to work. Sometimes you have a lot to get done, have a late-night call (time differences, right?) or you just prefer working late. Not everywhere is digital nomad friendly and not everywhere has great WiFi. The following list offers our favorite spots for you to get work done in a welcoming and productive environment.

Bodega Bangkok is rarely quiet at night so if you need to get some work done, keep reading.

Too Fast To Sleep – Silom

Now in its 5th year of opening, this place remains as one of Bangkok’s most popular 24 hour cafes. The décor is a mixture of café, workspace and library and provides a productive work-centric vibe. Need a break from work? Grab a book from the pile and find a spot to curl up with one of their great coffees and cakes.

Cost: Coffee from 80 baht, cake from 120 baht.

Location: Rama 4 Rd., 086-577-8989. MRT Sam Yan

Hours of Operation: 24-7

Think Tank – Silom

Another crossover between a co-working space and a café. You’ll have a choice of walking in, grabbing a coffee and working or, if you’re with a group, hiring a private room for 6-8 people. The private rooms cost a little more but are still only 100 baht an hour. Plainly decorated but with plenty of comfortable seating with excellent drink and snack choices.

Cost: Coffees from 60 baht. Waffles from 65 baht.

Location: Narathiwat Soi 17 (Nanglinjee Rd.)

Hours of Operation: Daily 06:00-02:00

Baan Rai Coffee – Sukhumvit

Usually touted as a place to socialize and no wonder. It comes complete with a beer garden, live bands and plenty of people. That said, the second floor is a dedicated work area and the atmosphere is quiet. It’s open 24 hours with coffee available all the time.

Location: Corner of Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Ekkamai)

Hours of Operation: 24-7

Coffee Club

Coffee Clubs seem to be popping up all over Thailand at a rapid rate. These are straight forward chain cafés that offer standard coffee, standard snacks and comfortable seating. The WiFi is free with purchase of coffee and there are a great number of sockets available so you can stay charged. Expect to be rubbing shoulders with local students and online workers alike.

Cost: Coffee from 80 baht, beers are sometimes available. Snacks from 80 baht.

Location: All over Bangkok – G/F Major Ekkamai, 1239 Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Ekkamai)

Hours of Operation: Sun-Thu 6:30am-10:30pm; Fri-Sat 6:30am-11:30pm.    

Digital Nomad Insider Tip

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive, and no doubt you’ll come across a great many more options. More and more are springing up all the time as the digital nomad lifestyle gathers a larger and larger following.