The Best Laser Tag in Bangkok and Koh Samui

Once solely the realm of science fiction, now you can unleash your inner assassin at the Lazgam Laser Tag Arenas in Bangkok and Koh Samui. Help your mates, shoot your enemies and keep yourself alive in this futuristic world of shoot or be shot!

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Lazgam Laser Tag Arena in Bangkok

Big Enough To Get Lost In

Each arena is over 500 square meters in size, so you’ll have to work together as a team to bring your enemies down. There’s always a team member or two who get scared and try and hide, to wait the game out and survive until the end. With the labyrinth of passageways and alleys inside the arenas they might think they can get away with this, but don’t let them!

Anyone found hiding and not giving 110% to killing everyone who opposes them should DEFINITELY score a drinks forfeit back at the hostel, and we don’t just mean having to take an extra shot. We mean a whole Challenge Board to punish them for their cowardice!

How To Play Laser Tag

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled, but pain-free, good time! The basic idea is that you get together in teams and hunt down your opponents before they find you and shoot you. If you think this sounds a lot like paintball then you’d be right, the idea is just the same, but where Laser Tag wins is that this version doesn’t hurt!

Players are fitted with neon-lit vests and laser guns, and when someone successfully shoots you on the vest target there’s a vibration rather than a paint pellet to let you know the score. Definitely a more enjoyable experience!

The games are really popular for work team-building trips but there are an equal number of groups of friends and families that turn up just for the hell of it. Warning though, it’s hard to look at your drinking buddies the same way again once you’ve seen them charging you down with murder in their eyes…

how to play laser tag in Bangkok - vests

Why are the Lazgam Laser Tag Arenas so super cool?

You won’t just be running around a normal room on your visit to Laser Tag. Instead, the arenas are decked out in a dystopian vision of what the future might be like. Smoke machines, strobe lights, black lights and a fully loaded sound system help to get the blood pumping and really get you in the mood for hunting down your enemies. If you’re a sci-fi fan then definitely give it a try, as you won’t get closer to living in one of your favorite futuristic films then running around here with a laser gun in your hand!

Laser Tag in Bangkok at a Fair Price

Despite seeming like premium entertainment from the future, a session at Laser Tag doesn’t cost that much at all. The best value pack is buying a bundle of three games together, which costs 499 baht per person ($16), which isn’t bad for this much entertainment. There are other options for laser tag in Bangkok out there, but Lazgam is cheaper and better bang for your buck!

The Bangkok arena is on the 5th floor of the Holiday Inn on Sukhumvit 22, and is open 2pm till 10pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to 11pm Friday to Sunday. The Koh Samui arena is located in the Bo Put area just north of Chaweng night market, and is open 1pm to 11pm daily.

Channel your inner hero and head down for a few games. Once you’ve killed a few enemies and worked up a thirst, you know what to do!