The Krabi Emerald Pool is a Relaxing Day Trip

The swimming hole at the Krabi Emerald Pool and the Krabi Hot Springs make the perfect day trip from Ao Nang, Krabi. Visiting these two famous local beauty spots is a great way to relax while experiencing the tropical Thai countryside. 

The sites sit at the bottom of lushly forested hills, with clear warm turquoise water just waiting to be enjoyed. The springs are fed by underground water stores which are heated by volcanic chambers before seeping to the surface to ease your aching muscles. The Emerald Pool, or Sa Morakot in Thai, is fed by pristinely clean mountain streams. They’re pretty awesome places to hang out!

Emerald Pool tour

Visiting the Krabi Hot Springs

The springs are about an hour away from Krabi Town. If you want to visit both the hot springs and the Emerald Pool then the easiest way might be to book onto an organized tour or rent your own transport so you can easily move between the two, as they’re a 15-minute drive apart.

At both sites, you start your visit at a parking area and then head off on a marked trail into the jungle. Part of the enjoyment of the trip is the chance to see a bit of Thai nature, but don’t worry, the longest trail is only 1.4km so you’ve never got far to hike!

Health Benefits of Hot Springs

Think of the hot springs as a kind of natural jacuzzi. The water is high in mineral elements and salts, so should offer the same health benefits as a trip to a health spa. Locals swear by the fact that conditions like rheumatism, sciatica and eczema are all greatly improved by a soak in the pools. Whether that’s true or not we don’t know, but the experience of being there is extremely enjoyable and that in itself should be good for your health!

Believe us when we say that lounging in hot springs is an incredible hangover cure too!

The movement of the water in the springs has created hollow stone enclosures which are like getting into a natural bath, which is super cool. The water sits at around 40 degrees, but if you overheat at any point then don’t worry, the river below is considerably colder and you can use it as a plunge pool!

Emerald Pool in Krabi
Doesn’t that just look gorgeous? You HAVE to see it in person!

Bathe like a rockstar at the Emerald Pool 

When you’re done soaking in the mineral-rich waters of the hot springs then check out the Emerald Pool, 8km down the road. The water is a deep blue color as a result of the surrounding limestone rock, and at only 1.5 meters deep it’s perfect for swimming. Jump in and enjoy, but make sure to keep an eye on your belongings while you’re in there as occasional thefts are reported here.

Visit the Tiger Cave Temple After You’re Refreshed

If you want to beat the crowds then head out of town early. If you’re on the road by 7am then you’ll probably have the sites mostly to yourself and you won’t have to deal with a ton of tour groups ruining the tranquility! If you want to extend your trip then check out the Tiger Cave Temple on the way back to town. Hiking in Thailand is gorgeous and climbing up the steps of this temple is no exception!

Entrance to both sites is 200 baht for adults, with a 30-baht parking charge at the Krabi Hot Springs. Bring a bit of extra cash for refreshments as there are some good food and drinks stalls dotted around, and all that relaxation can be thirsty work!