Bodega Hostels Partners with Travel Thailand with Ease

We’re proud to announce partnership with Koh Life!

Ease of Mind Booking Your Transportation Across Thailand

Thanks to our partnership with Koh Life, travel headaches in Thailand are a thing of the past. We all know the drill. You want to get from one island to the next or from the north of the country to the south and you’re presented with an unintelligible mess of timetables, schedules and over excited tuk tuk drivers. It doesn’t make for a smooth experience, let alone a smooth one.

We’ve been there with you and we know exactly how you feel. That’s why we, at Bodega, have spent time seeking out the best travel partners to match up with provide a stress free, party focused travel experience. That’s why we’ve decided to partner up with the Bangkok-based up-and-comer, Koh Life.

Whether you’re going up the winding road from Chiang Mai to Pai or dipping over to Phi Phi Islands from Phuket for the party, they’ve got you covered.

Koh Life partnership

Who are Koh Life?

Koh Life are an online travel agency who specialise in transport in Thailand and some nearby border crossings. If you need to get from place to place they’re an excellent option for many reasons. Not least because they have a huge range of trips that you might not necessarily find on the usual travel sites. In fact, a quick glance at their website shows over 1000 different routes from around the country, plus some routes to Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore!

That said, don’t expect to be getting into Koh Life branded transport. They’re an agent who will put you in touch with the local travel companies and arrange the complicated transfers for you so you don’t have to worry. Trust us, that’s a big load off your mind. There’s nothing worse than arriving in an unfamiliar destination in the middle of the night and having no idea where to go or where you connection might be leaving! removes a lot of that hassle.

They act as something of a comparison site so that you can work to your budget, timings and choice of transport. At the moment, they offer the chance to use road, rail and ferry options with flights coming soon. They already have a partnership set up with Air Asia and Lion Air, so it can’t be that far off.

The Great Features of

The team over at Koh Life know what they’re doing and have implemented some excellent features into their site. These include:

  • Bundle discounts when you’re booking ahead and in bulk. If you’re booking more trips or booking for multiple travellers the discounts build up. Usually making it one of the cheapest ways to travel.
  • You can pay entirely online. Which means not having to carry around huge wads of Baht whilst travelling from place to place. Choose from either major credit/debit cards of PayPal. 
  • Tickets are then emailed to you instantly. After that you can log into your account and access your ticket at your leisure.
  • If you run into any difficulties or technical hitches there’s English speaking support available 24/7. Especially handy when arranging hotel pick up services.
  • One of our favorite features? The ability to reschedule your trip through customer support without having to pay any extra at all. Meant to be travelling in the afternoon but couldn’t resist one last pub crawl and now can’t face it? Just give them a call and reschedule. No more hungover journeys for you!
Koh Life is one of the top transportation providers in Thailand.

Shoulda booked it!

This could be a real game changer so we’re really proud to be the only hostel in all of Thailand to be partnered with

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