Koh Jum Travel Guide: Quiet Amongst The Crowds

If you’re after a more relaxed, secluded island our Koh Jum travel guide is perfect for you. Explore this secret spot in the Andaman sea.

In this Koh Jum travel guide, you’ll find that it is one of the few islands that remains relatively off the map. When it comes to the islands of Thailand there are certainly some big hitters. Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Lanta… the list goes on. Koh Jum, however, is one of the most underrated places to visit in Thailand. And frankly, we’re confused why.

What does Koh Jum have to offer?

Think peaceful, quiet, pure relaxation. It’s a spot to head for after a week or so of carnage at one of the Bodega hostels. A chance to recharge, refresh and maybe give the liver a rest. Whilst accommodation is plentiful, you won’t find the usual bar strips that you might find on the other islands, and that lends itself to quiet. Instead, think of hammocks, reading, sunset watching and sedate water sports.

Even though it’s a large island, with a fairly decent population, it is still relatively untamed with wide expanses of untouched jungle throughout the inner sections. This, in itself, is relatively unusual, especially because of its proximity to Krabi and Koh Lanta.

You’ll reach the island, unsurprisingly, by boat. Grab a ferry from Krabi for 300/400 baht. This is the same cost as the ferry to Koh Lanta, no discounts are applicable here unfortunately!

Koh Jum travel guide

Accommodation on Koh Jum

If you’re after the classic Thai beach bungalow experience, head to the north of the island. The area is called Ko Puh. It’s a classically traditional part of the island and the pace of life slows right down. That said, there are considerably fewer shopping and eating options, but that’s part of the appeal. If you’ve got yourself a motorbike rental (highly recommended) then you’ll be absolutely fine.

If you’re looking for a simple hotel, with lots of restaurant options in a town, stay in the south instead. Ban Ko Jum isn’t exactly Bangkok, but it’s the largest village on the island. You can grab all of the vital supplies here, including any alcoholic drinks you might need. This is important, as the rest of the island is almost exclusively Muslim and shops won’t sell alcoholic drinks.

As mentioned above, we highly recommend getting yourself a motorbike so that you can explore the island at your leisure. They’re only 250-350 baht a day and afford you an incredible amount of freedom. The roads might not all be completely paved but they’re very manageable. Just make sure you’re carrying your international driver’s license and that you’re well practised, especially if you’re riding at night. Helmets, as always, are an absolute must.

Koh Jum is close to Bodega Koh Samui!

We suggest planning this as something of an interlude to your typical Bodega hostel trip! Head across the Andaman sea from our Koh Samui resort! It makes an excellent day trip, so just ask our reception for details. Sounds like the perfect holiday to us.