An Andaman Superstar: Adventures in Khao Lak

All About Khao Lak, The Best Beach Near Phuket

Khao Lak is a tourist mecca less than an hour from Bodega Phuket. This Thai beach resort has everything you’d expect from a picture postcard paradise. Less touristy than the likes of Phuket and Krabi, Khao Lak is ready to be rediscovered.

The beauty of Khao Lak is almost indescribable. Some of the longest white beaches are resident here, nestled alongside towering limestone cliffs and set in a fantastic location. For a time the area was used mainly as a staging point for Similian Island diving trips, but it’s now beginning to draw a crowd of its own.

Back in 2004, like much of the Andaman Sea area, Khao Lak was taken completely by surprise on Boxing Day when the now infamous tsunami struck. The waves took almost 4000 lives with 3000 still left unaccounted for. If you want to learn more or pay your respects then the Tsunami Museum is well worth a visit. Despite the dreadful impact, Khao Lak bounced back. Tourism is flourishing and it’s a very credible and enjoyable alternative to the other well-known resorts.

Activities to Enjoy in Khao Lak

There are all the usual beach activities to enjoy in Khao Lak but with some tours or things to do that are specific to the area.

Phang Nga National Park – There are nearly 50 islands to explore in the Phang Nga National Park. Some are visited by huge tour group boats, others you can visit on a private tour. The biggest hitter is James Bond island, made famous after featuring in The Man with the Golden Gun.

Joining a Liveaboard Trip – Not strictly in Khao Lak itself, but you’ll at least start and end there! Within Khao Lak you’ll find dozens of companies offering excursions over the period of a few days where you’ll live on the boat.

Waterfalls – There are plenty of waterfalls to explore around the area. The most impressive is the five-tiered Lam Ru Falls, but also worth a visit is Ton Chong Fah.

Ban Nian Night Market

One of the best options is to explore the gigantic Ban Niang Night Market. Only 20 minutes from the beach the market opens up every Wednesday and Saturday nights. The food is tasty and the options are endless. You can go for the classic Pad Thai, cooked right in front of your eyes or if you’re feeling brave try a platter of insects!

If you’re after a restaurant dinner instead then seafood is the menu of choice. You won’t be wanting for options either. There are plenty of options along the beach and the main road through town. Expect fresh seafood which you can choose depending on the catch of the day and your budget.

Bodegan Insider Tip

The seasons in Thailand are fairly regular. There’s the dry season and the wet season (wet season runs from May to October) with shoulders in between. That said, don’t expect to have absolutely no rain in dry season. It’s very typical to have a huge but short downpour in the afternoon. Enjoy the refreshing clearing of the air then venture back to the beach.

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