Japanese Popcorn Beer at Asok: Beer? Popcorn? Why Not Both?

In a world that is seemingly overrun with craft beer breweries, brewers are looking at new and exciting ways to bring you a tasty refreshing glass of beer. In the Asok area of Bangkok you can visit restaurants and sample their latest creations, including Japanese popcorn beer.

Whether you’re in Bangkok looking for a taste of Japan or trying to hunt down rare Pokemon Go locations, take a break to try some of this incredibly tasty Japanese popcorn.

The locals in Bangkok are always searching for the latest trend or creation. It could be the latest foodstuff or the latest drink. In the case of a restaurant known as Kenshin, the latest in beers are brought over from Japan. Here the brewer Asahi merges flavors and attempts to come up with the next big beer.

Japanese popcorn flavored beer in Bangkok
Popcorn Beer

Everyone loves popcorn. Everyone loves beer. Ok so maybe not everyone, but there are millions out there who do. We’re assuming that was Asahi’s logic when they decided to put the two together. Take a swig of the Snow Popcorn Beer and you’ll immediately notice a taste akin to buttered popcorn with caramel. This then fades to a slightly bitter, beer like aftertaste.

This latest beer combination joins the ranks of other unusual flavour combinations from Asahi. So far, they’ve created; lavender, tomato, cherry blossom, mango and passion fruit beers. You can find these across the capital but they are especially found in Kenshin.

Kenshin Izakaya

The restaurant itself doesn’t only specialise in Japanese beers but in all things Japanese. There are some wonderful menu options. The highlight has to be the Aburi Shime Saba (a mackerel filet) which is not only delicious but comes with a show. The wait staff deliver it to the table partly cooked and then finish off the process with a blow torch. There are also many different skewer options for you to try.

The beer itself is available in a variety of sizes. They start small at half pints for 98 baht, all the way up to the huge litre sumo glasses for nearly 300 baht. Trust us, you’ll certainly be completely refreshed and hydrated when you’re finished here!

Japanese craft beer in Bangkok
Getting There

Kenshin is open from late morning (11:30am) straight through until midnight. Once you’re on Sukhumvit head for Soi Sukhumvit 33 and look for the brightest and most colourful building out there.

The easiest route is to get the BTS to Phrom Phong. The other Kenshin Izakaya Asoke (the same chain) is open at the same times and located at Sukhumvit 21, Soi 1. MRT Sukhumvit is your best stop and then taking a walk, cab or motorcycle from there.

#BodegaHostels Insider Tip

These restaurants are made for long visits and grazing. Take your time and compliment your beers with some snacks. The edamame beans are especially good. If you do this then you’ll be able to sample a great deal more of the menu rather than heading home sooner than you wanted to! Make sure to turn up in plenty of time to get a table as these places fill up later on in the evening.