Iron Fairies Bangkok: Drinking Cocktails in Wonderland

Iron Fairies Bangkok: Dystopian Drinks with a Difference

If you’re looking for a somewhere a little different to go for a night out in Bangkok, look no further than Iron Fairies. This unique bar has a food and drinks menu to die for and a décor that’s out of this world.

Iron Fairies isn’t your typical Bangkok bar. Gone are the bottles of Chang and plastic stools, replaced instead by fantastical iron sculptures and a cocktail list packed full of drinks with names straight out of a fairy story. Ever took a piss next to gargoyles staring you down? That’s the Iron Fairies experience!

Note: All photos used in this article are from Iron Fairies’ Facebook Page, go check them out!

So what’s the deal with Iron Fairies?

Iron Fairies is the brainchild of Ashley Sutton, an Australian artist and designer who likes to do things a little differently. The ceilings are low, the furniture is wood and iron and if you think that the whole place has a touch of the industrial about it then you’d be right; Sutton used to work in an iron foundry in Australia and wanted to bring a touch of that gritty atmosphere to Thailand.

It’s not all dark wood and industry though; vials of fairy dust sit alongside tiny metal statues of fairies than you can play with to your heart’s content and a cloud of (dead!) butterflies hang from the ceiling. We told you this place was unusual!

the wall of fairy dust at Iron Fairies in Bangkok, Thailand

Delicious Drinks

If you’re thinking that this place relies on its decoration to pull in the crowds then you’d be wrong. The drinks list is extensive and the cocktails have exotic names like Smoke in a Bottle and Daiquiri with Fairy Dust Marshmallow. Most drinks come in at about 300 baht (around $9) which is a little pricier than other places in the capital, but you’re not just buying the alcohol here, you’re buying the experience!

If you’re feeling really brave then check out the wide selection of Absinthe. Commonly called the ‘Green Fairy’ due to its tendency to make drinkers hallucinate, it’s available here in cocktail form for those brave enough to try it. Just remember that Absinthe is banned in some countries so maybe start with just the one and see how you go!

The Most Magical Burgers in Thailand

If chasing all those green fairies has made you hungry then Iron Fairies has your back. Their signature burger features classic ingredients done well so you can expect a juicy beef burger in a really soft white bun stacked high with salad and cheese (330 baht, around $10). It’s so big that they have to use a wooden-handled knife to stab it to its chopping board presentation plate! If you’d rather have something lighter then go for a tray of oysters (690 baht, around $21) to accompany your cocktails.

Easy-Going Music

The atmosphere here gets even better each night at 9pm when the live music starts. Most of the time the playlist is laid back jazz but on a Monday it’s open mic night, so feel free to give singing a go if the mood (or the Absinthe) takes you!

It does get really busy here in the evenings so if you want to be sure to get a table then arrive before 8pm to shotgun a spot near the stage…and the bar.

Unique architecture and interior design at Iron Fairies Bangkok

The Lowdown on Iron Fairies

Iron Fairies bar is at 402 Soi Thonglor, Sukhumvit Rd 55 within walking distance of Thong Lo BTS station, so it’s pretty easy to get here using public transport. Look out for Krueng Thai restaurant and the bar is directly opposite. It’s open from 6pm to 2am from Monday to Saturday and it’s worth coming here for the whole evening as there’s plenty to sample on the menus.

If you like the sound of Iron Fairies then be sure to check out their sister bar, Iron Balls, just around the corner near Ekkamai BTS station. Similarly decked out in unusual otherworldly style, Iron Balls focuses on gin and has its own craft gin distillery on-site. With bars like these to choose from, the hangovers will last for weeks!

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