Iron Balls Gin Bar by Ashley Sutton: The Finest Designer Cocktails in Bangkok

Iron Balls is By Far the Best Gin Bar in Bangkok

If you love sipping drinks in beautiful places then you’re going to love Iron Balls Gin Bar, Bangkok’s newest kid on the block. It joins a growing list of excellent gin bars in Bangkok and adds something new to the drinking scene, with its steampunk-inspired décor and carefully curated cocktail list.

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The Creation of a Nightlife Savant

Iron Balls is not just another bar with a tacky theme. It’s the brainchild of Ashley Sutton, the creator of several of Bangkok’s best drinking destinations including Iron Fairies in Sukhumvit, Maggie Choo’s in Silom and Sing Sing theater right next door. Sutton has got an imagination that most designers would kill for and the results of his renovations are always memorable, to say the least!

Iron Balls Gin Distillery
What to Expect at Ashley Sutton’s Iron Balls Gin Bar

While some of Sutton’s bars have a speakeasy vibe or give a nod to the Orient, Iron Balls goes full-on aquatic. The theme here is everything marine, with porthole-inspired detailing, glass bottles hanging from the ceiling reminiscent of waves crashing overhead and gleaming brass bringing nautical fixtures and fittings to mind. In fact you’d be forgiven for forgetting you were in Thailand at all, with the atmosphere being decidedly submarine-like!

Easily the Best Gin Bar in Bangkok

There’s already a great selection of places to drink cocktails in Bangkok but Iron Balls is a worthy addition to the mix. The understated entrance gives way to a hidden wonderland of polished dark wood furniture and velvet-covered walls, and it’s a delightful feeling sinking into one of the leather armchairs to sip your drink.

And what about those drinks? Well fans of the classic G&T should rejoice, as the Iron Balls Distillery produces their own gin. It’s packed full with tropical Thai flavors like coconut, lemongrass, ginseng and cinnamon and is unlike any other gin we’ve tried before. Pair it with one of five flavored tonics and you’ve got a whole selection of winning flavors!

A Cocktail List to Make Your Jaw Drop

If you fancy something other than a G&T then don’t worry, Iron Balls Bangkok has you covered here too. If you’re feeling brave then check out the tequila-based S.S. All Big-Gun (390 baht, $12), which will blow your head off with clove flavors and coconut smoke. If that sounds a bit much then how about a Spitcock (360 baht, $11)? It’s a bit lighter, made from an Iron Balls gin base mixed with passion-fruit, sugar syrup and a sprinkling of meringue on top. It’s a great pre-dinner drink to get your evening started.

Iron Balls Gin small batch
Location, location, location!

Speaking of dinner, Iron Balls is in the perfect place if you’re heading out late. You can grab dinner at Quince restaurant, right next door, and there are few finer things in life than downing a gin or two at Iron Balls before a barbecue feast at Quince. And then how about moving on to Sutton’s adjacent Sing Sing theater? It’s a Chinese-themed immersive nightclub experience which boasts cabaret, DJ sets and live music. The perfect pairing.

“You always have options if you have balls!”

If you’re looking for a bar with class and style then look no further than Iron Balls. Its drinks list offers some of the best cocktails in Bangkok, the décor is opulent and luxurious and the bar staff love nothing more than getting you drunk in style. A real winner!

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