How to Start a Travel Blog with No Coding or Marketing Experience

The thought passes by every backpacker. Start a travel blog? That is the question that goes through most people’s mind after exploring a new part of the world. Thailand is arguably the country that inspires the vast majority of travel writers to fire up their own travel blogs. And why wouldn’t you? If you stick at it, create some innovative and interesting content and grow in popularity you’ll be travelling for free and giving up the day-job before you know it.

Picking a Catchy Domain Name

This is the beginning of your brand. This could well be the name that you’re working with for the rest of your blogging career. Take your time picking one, make sure that you make it eye-catching and interesting.

After all, you’re getting into a pretty saturated market. There are quite literally hundreds of thousands of travel blogs out there. You need to stand apart from the crowd. There are plenty of domain checkers so that you can trial if your ideas are free. Remember that .com domains always have the best kudos, but are usually quite expensive. We recommend using NameCheap for buying domains, as they have great customer support and regularly have sales on domain names.

When you Start a Travel Blog You Don’t Want to Get Bored…

By that we mean pick topics that you actually care about. Don’t force content otherwise it won’t read well, it’ll read like shit in fact and no one will be interested in your blog, you won’t crush it, you won’t make huge amounts of cash and therefore you’ll be sad.

Pick a specific country that you’ve fallen in love with. Maybe you’ll start a Thailand travel blog. ???? Find a specific niche that works for you. Doing this will make work less like work and more like fun. And then you’ll never have to work a day again in your life. You could be a travel food blog, maybe extreme sports and travel. The more niche, the more likely you’ll rank on Google for it.

Starting to Build Your New Travel Blog Site

If you’ve got a background in tech then skip this section. You can pick any builder you so choose and go from there. If you’re a newbie, we suggest you get started with WordPress. There are great and responsive themes available out there that will make your blog pretty as well as quick to load. There are also endless plugins, tutorials and guides to help you understand what it takes to start a travel blog.

Getting into Routine

Writing a travel blog takes work. There’s no hiding from that. You’ll need to put in time and you’ll need to churn out a hell of a lot of content if you want to have a serious go at this. Sit yourself down, set a schedule and get into a routine. If you can, force yourself every day.

If needs be you can set yourself a timer, find out what might work for you. Lots of people seem to find working in a focused way for 40 minutes then taking a 20-minute break is a good start. Even if it’s in note form, don’t forget you can always do the editing later.

Creating an Editing Process

The odds of you writing a polished, finished product immediately are pretty slim. We’d suggest that you get someone else to proofread your work. Often, you’ll miss things even if you’ve read it 4 or 5 times. There are some great writing apps out there, running your content through Hemingway is a great start and will give you a solid guide. Grammarly is another worthwhile addition to your editing armoury, it’s a free Chrome extension too so nothing to lose there.

Add Some Photogenic Wonder to Your New Travel Blog

A wall of text is never a fun experience for anyone. Break up your inspiring words with some high quality, interesting images. Taking your own images and making them personal adds to the individuality of your blog. First and foremost, people want to see your destinations not your face. Duckface doesn’t sell travel blogs, dramatic scenery and beauty does.

Maybe you aren’t quite ready to start a travel blog though and that’s perfectly fine. Maybe try writing a single blog post to see if it’s something you even enjoy. Bodega’s accepting guest bloggers, so if you have a travel story you want to share, hit us up!

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