How to Play Fear Pong: The Bigger, Drunker Sibling of Beer Pong

Fear Pong : Beer Pong’s Evil Twin

Beer Pong is a legendary drinking game. It’s arguably the most loved drinking game in the world! But what if we told you there was another level? What if we told you Beer Pong was only the beginning? Bodega takes its hostel drinking games seriously and Fear Pong is the epitome of that.

Just as with Beer Pong, for Fear Pong the table is set up carefully. Each team is provided with a set of cups in a triangle at opposing ends of a table. Teams of players, or individuals, take turns to try and land a ball into a cup. Get the ball into the cup and then the opposition has to drink. That’s about it. Or that’s about it for normal beer pong… Fear Pong is just getting started.

There will be the usual drinking penalties to deal with, like downing the sunk cup of course, but then you’ll need to contend with a fear pong punishment as well. These are a series of forfeits that are designed to make the game more, shall we say, ‘interesting’! The rules can be assigned at random when each cup is sunk, to add an extra element of Fear! Sink the cups, avoid the forfeit. Concede and you’ll be at the mercy of the random tasks soon enough.

Of course, you can always come up with your own rules – or buy a premade Fear Pong Kit if that’s more up your alley.

Here are our standard ‘house’ rules for playing beer pong:

Bodega Hostels Beer Pong Rules

How to Play Fear Pong

Given that exciting build up you’re likely desperate to find out the ‘Rules’, or punishments. So here we go:

  1. Make out with your partner for 10 seconds – The good old spin the bottle classic. You’ll be wanting to pick your partner wisely before you start. It might not be all about their beer pong ability… food for thought!
  2. One player to take a graveyard shot – A graveyard shot is designed to send you in one direction, to an early grave. The usual graveyard shot requires a cup including 5 white spirits and 2 whiskies. This is a blackout in a cup.
  3. Ice cube in the crack – Both players on the team bend themselves over, pop an ice cube in their crack and hold it there until it melts. If you have to ask which crack, you’re playing the wrong game.
  4. Shave off an eyebrow – One player on the team loses an eyebrow, plain and simple.
  5. Play the remainder of game in your underwear – Lose your clothes and stand in your underwear. Let’s hope that you’ve been working on that tan!
  6. Eat two Thai chilis – It’s one player’s turn to face the heat. Pop the chilis in your mouth and grab a glass of milk.
  7. Fake an orgasm for 10 seconds – Time to bring the noise and we’re talking about your filthy, dirty noise. Moan, scream and show your sex face.
  8. The opposition gets to send a dirty text or photo to anyone in your phone – the caveat? No deleting or explaining until the game is completed.
  9. Naked Lap – get yourself completely naked, take a lap of honor around the table.
  10. Beer Bong – Fill up your funnel with your favorite beer, grab a hold of the tube and get chugging.
  11. Lick the Shooter’s Ass – Whoever just sunk the cup gets to enjoy having their ass licked on the cheek by the lucky loser.
  12. Give partner a finger “bj” for 10 seconds – You’ve heard the popping noise as you’ve walked down Bangla Road, now see what your own skills are like!

For those of you wondering what this looks like in practice, check out this video that Cut did on Fear Pong. Their dares are a lot more mild than Bodega’s rules though!

Spread the Good Word of Fear Pong

If you decide that you’re going to have a genuine go at Fear Pong our only tip to you is this: Please, please let all of us Bodega staff, the other guests and anyone on the street know. It’s going to be one hell of a show!

Buy a Fear Pong set today! Just click the image above!

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