Relaxed Life and Unexpectedly Good Nightlife: How to Get to Udon Thani from Bangkok

Udon Thani isn’t a typically popular town to get to in Thailand, but that shouldn’t stop you from making your way to this Northern Thai city popular with locals. It’s beginning to grow in popularity with tourists too, especially if you’re planning on a visa run to Vientiane in Laos and fancy a stop over en route. Further to that, you’ll be able to enjoy the local tourist sites (both of which are UNESCO Heritage sites) at Ban Chiang Archaeological Site and Pha Phrabat Historical Park.

windmill in udon thani, northern thailand

How to Get to Udon Thani from Bangkok

You’re lucky, there are options a plenty to travel from the Thai capital. As with all things, it depends on your budget and time restrictions. Depending on that you’ll be interested in one or a few of the following methods. Each has their pros and cons, the decision is yours. If after reading this article, you’re still unsure of what travel option to take, ask our reception at Bodega Bangkok!

Taking to the Skies – Flying to Udon Thani

This is, usually, the most convenient, comfortable and quickest option available. Unfortunately, it’s almost always the most expensive option too. Make a quick search on SkyScanner, maybe you’ll get lucky?

Flights are quick and regular from Bangkok with either Nok, Thai Airways, Air Asia and many more. Once you’ve arrived in Udon Thani you’ll be at the airport on the south side of the city. To get into town you can either take Songthaew 15 or grab a cab.

The Iron Road – The Train To Udon Thani

It’s well worth booking a ticket in advance, this line does get booked up. You can choose your level of comfort from 3rd class with a hard-unforgiving seat at only 205 baht, aircon seating around 500 baht and sleeping carriages between 700-1300 baht. If you’re on a night train, we highly recommend the sleeper. You can get some excellent food on the trains, take a beer with you and relax as the world goes by.

At time of writing, train leave Bangkok at:

They tend to take between 8-11 hours, depending on the tie that you leave. The longest train is usually one of the sleepers. When you arrive, you’ll be in the heart of the expat and shopping area. Which is nice and convenient! Pick an overnight hostel or hotel nearby for the least amount of travel on arrival.

how to get to udon thani from bangkok by train

Road Trip – Taking the Bus to Udon Thani

The slowest method, but also the cheapest method. Buses are regular and varied in comfort. If you can, we’d recommend spending a little bit more and taking one of the VIP buses that make the trip. They’re generally safer, more comfortable and most come with a hostess who provides you with tea, drinks and snacks. All included in your fare! In fact, one bus we were on last year had TVs in the back of the seats showing English films, so remember to bring AUX headphones!

The buses tend to take around 11 hours, they depart throughout the day and cost around 600-700 baht for VIP, 400-500 baht for first class.

There’s plenty to do once you arrive in Udon Thani…

Now you’ve arrived, it’s time to explore the city. This is no small town, so make sure that you have a sat nav loaded on Google Maps, MapsMe! or similar! Getting around is easy thanks for Songthaews, tuk tuks, motorbike taxis or even rented bicycles. Motorbike rentals are cheap as well.