How to Get to Krabi by Ferry, Flight or Train! (from Bangkok, Phuket, etc)

Expert Transport Recommendations for How to Get to Krabi

Get to Krabi from Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Phangan and other islands

If you need some help on how to get to Krabi then you’ve come to the right place. It’s too far for a tuk-tuk ride and hard to navigate without some planning. Luckily, we’re the experts in how to get to Krabi and how to have a good time here! It’s a place with a little bit of something for everyone- secluded beaches with golden sands, lush jungle with tropical wildlife and wild parties with as much beer as you can drink!

Krabi is located about 800km south of Bangkok so you’ve got a choice of ways to get here, between trains, planes and automobiles. Don’t worry, the journey is never that bad and there’s always a good time waiting at the end of it. Bodega Ao Nang Krabi is the absolutely next level beach party, you’ll be there soon!

Learning how to travel domestically in Thailand will enhance your entire experience by putting your mind at ease. Ready to travel in autopilot?!

Flying to Krabi

Let’s start with the quickest way to get to Krabi – by plane. Krabi airport is small and perfectly formed and all the more efficient for it- you won’t find the long immigration lines of Phuket Airport here. Instead, you’ll find a friendly relaxed place that will get you from the plane to the beach in record time! 

There are some great flight routes opening up to Krabi, so you can now fly directly from places like Malaysia without even having to stop in Bangkok. Depending on the season you can also fly directly from some cities in Europe! However if you’re starting your journey in Bangkok then there are plenty of domestic flights to choose from daily in any case. The crazy thing is that flying could work out a lot cheaper than you might think. It might even cost less to fly than it would to get a sleeper train or night bus! 

Once you’ve landed at the airport then it’s super easy to jump in a shared minibus or taxi to get to the beaches. It’s only a 30-minute drive and the minibus is a bargain at around 150 baht ($5) for the trip, so you’ll not have long to wait before the party starts!

Driving to Krabi by Bus or Minivan

The buses in Thailand are pretty great both in terms of the network, and the number of options you’ve got available. Traveling to Krabi from Phuket? You can hop on a local bus or two for virtually nothing, it will take 4 hours but you’ll see a bit of local life. 

If you’re traveling from further afield then how about a sleeper bus? The trip down from Bangkok takes 12 hours but this isn’t like taking a normal bus and suffering through it. We’re talking reclining seats, refreshments, meals, toilets and sometimes even an airline-style TV in the back of the seat in front! Sleeper buses cost between 600 to 1000 baht depending on the quality of the vehicle, while minibuses from local towns will vary in cost depending on the length of the trip. 

Most buses will take you to the terminal in Krabi Town which means you should budget for a small additional transfer journey at the end, but for a songthaew you’ll only pay max 100 baht. The whole journey will be cheap, cheerful and a great way to see the country. 

Taking a Boat to Krabi

There’s nothing quite like sailing into a paradise destination like Krabi by boat. Rather than feeling like a transit nightmare, a boat trip can turn into a really cool part of your trip and on a glorious day with the sun shining and the water sparkling turquoise in the bay, there’s really no other way to arrive. 

There’s a ferry from Phuket to Ao Nang in the dry season, which can be a good way to ‘cut the corner’ of the road network between the two. From Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta you can take advantage of an all-year ferry service, or if there’s a big group of you in the area then it can actually be quite cost effective to charter a boat. Just make sure it’s seaworthy before you get in, especially in the rainy season!

If you’re traveling from an island on the other coast like Koh Phangan then you’ll inevitably get a boat and then a bus as part of your Krabi transport plan. Don’t worry, the tour operators make these trips every day and are well versed in shepherding you from one mode of transport to the next. No man is ever left behind! 

how to travel to Krabi
While we don’t recommend kayaking to Krabi, kayaking in Krabi is a great time.

Taking the (Overnight) Train to Krabi

We love taking trains. Trains are a romantic way to travel and see the beautiful countryside, if a bit slow at times. If the train is your transport of choice to Krabi then there’s something you should know however- there’s no train station! 

Don’t worry though, all is not lost as you can still get a train for part of the journey even if you transfer to a bus or minivan later. Jump on a train in Bangkok and travel south to Surat Thani and you can still have the authentic night train experience, it’s just that you’ll need to travel across from Surat Thani to Krabi once you arrive. 

Similarly, if you’re after a glimpse into authentic Thailand then take the train all the way down to Trang, and take the bus back up from there. Trang is pretty low-key when it comes to Thai tourism and is an enjoyable place to spend a couple of days.

Sleeper trains come in a variety of different classes so you can choose whether you want a hard bed in an open carriage or a luxurious bed in a private cabin. As with everything in life, you get what you pay for!  

Travel to Krabi like a Pro: Consider All Transport Options

Transport to Krabi is like all transport in Thailand- an intriguing mix of the efficient and the occasionally frustrating! Assume that all services will leave on time, but don’t be surprised if they don’t. Give yourself plenty of time to make transfers if you’re arranging your trip yourself, and keep a relaxed attitude when you’re on the road. Every night is party night in Krabi and the beer will still be cold when you get there. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Dragon Crest Mountain hike in Krabi
Enjoy the view from Dragon Crest Mountain, the best hiking Krabi has to offer!

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