History of Tha Pae Gate Chiang Mai: The 13th Century Fortress

It Takes Just Minutes to Learn the History of Tha Pae Gate

It’s one of the most recognizable sights of the north, but what about the history of Tha Pae Gate in Chiang Mai? What’s the purpose of the fortified wall and when was it erected? The Tha Pae Gate of Chiang Mai has a long history that has grown as the city has itself.

The gate itself is part of the lengthy, now crumbling wall of the old city. This area wasn’t always referred to as the old city, and was once the entirety of the city. Nowadays, it’s the tourist hotspot with the highest concentration of boutique hotels, affordable hostels, endless restaurants and huge night markets.

The Tha Pae Gate is right in the heart of Chiang Mai and is a useful attraction to use as a landmark when moving around the city. From there you’ll be able to explore the whole of the old city as well as nearby temples and attractions that border the wall. Argua