HDF Mercy Centre do amazing work for Bangkok!

In a country as beautiful as Thailand, it’s easy to forget that there are real problems hiding under the surface and a lot of people might need a helping hand. HDF Mercy Centre in Bangkok is an amazing organization that gives help where it’s needed, and Bodega Bangkok is proud to announce a partnership with this awesome cause.

HDF Mercy Centre in Bangkok, Thailand
HDF Mercy Centre has a long history in Bangkok

Back in 1972, a Catholic Priest by the name of Father Joe Maier arrived in Bangkok. He was a priest on a mission to help the parishioners and young people of the infamous Slaughterhouse neighborhood, where poverty was a day to day fact of life and people were badly in need of a bit of assistance.

Father Joe soon teamed up with local nun Sister Maria Chantavarodom to start an organization called the Human Development Foundation which provided support to local residents of all religions and denominations. Word soon spread that this excellent setup was active in the area, people flooded to the doors to benefit from Father Joe and Sister Maria’s help, and the rest is history.

Providing Real Help Where It’s Needed The Most

HDF Mercy Centre isn’t just a hand-out organization however, far from it. Instead their ethos is to help the poor help themselves, and their main emphasis is on helping children and young people in the local area. Back in the 1970s, all projects were run from Father Joe’s backyard but these days there are several sites around the city where HDF staff can be found providing hands-on support.

The HDF Mercy projects are Inspirational

If you want to find a worthy cause to support in Thailand then look no further than HDF. They run twenty-three kindergartens in deprived areas of the capital, and provide shelter for 180 children day to day as well as doing outreach work with innumerable street children. The many schools that HDF have set up over the years have now been integrated into local communities and whole generations of young people have benefitted from a good, free education because of the generosity of these guys.

They don’t just do excellent work in Bangkok either. In the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, the Mercy Centre realized that the Mokan sea gypsy communities around the coast of southern Thailand had tragically lost not only many people but also their livelihoods. To try and reach out and help these people at their lowest ebb, Father Joe started a program sponsoring the education of Mokan children, and to date more than 500 children have received an education that they would otherwise have missed out on.

HDF Mercy Centre Thailand

Bodega Hostels Are Proud To Support Hdf Mercy Centre Bangkok

At Bodega, Thailand is our home and it’s been amazing to get to know all about the great work that Father Joe and his team have done to help this beautiful country. We are extremely proud to be able to announce our partnership with HDF, and you’ll now find donation boxes in all our locations where you can donate your spare cash to this great cause.

Dig deep if you can, and feel good in the knowledge that every single baht or dollar you give will help HDF Mercy Centre continue to improve life for local communities across Thailand.