Mary Jane and Cheese: A Guide to Happy Pizza in Cambodia

Not Your Usual Topping: A Guide to Happy Pizza in Cambodia

With Phnom Penh growing in popularity over recent years, the happy pizza in Cambodia (and particularly Phnom Penh) phenomenon is beginning to gain traction.

SouthEast Asia and openly taking drugs don’t usually go hand in hand. From the moment you land at one of the international airports you’re gently (read dramatically and loudly) reminded that even the smallest traces of drug trafficking can lead to life imprisonment or the death penalty. Therefore surely this is too big a risk to be taking to become a thing right? Openly ordering drugs on a pizza? Surely not?

Well you’d be wrong if you thought otherwise. Happy pizza (pizza laced with Marijuana) establishments are becoming widespread and openly advertised. When traveling through the regions capital, Siem Reap and other major traveler spots you don’t have to wander far to find a giggling table of new backpacker friends laughing over a slice of pepperoni and cheese.

Is happy pizza legal?

As Bodega, we need to preface this with our own disclaimer. We, as a company, do not condone the taking of happy pizza nor any drugs. Drug taking in our hostels is strictly prohibited and we have a zero tolerance policy. Now that that’s out the way, can you get away with happy pizza?

Legally speaking, and simply put, no. Happy pizza isn’t legal at all. Back in 1996, the government declared Marijuana and derivatives as illegal, with the exception of the local population being able to grow small plants for medicinal or cooking purposes…Well hello there convenient loophole!

The bottom line is this: If the police come knocking whilst you’re eating a slice and you get caught, expect to pay a fine. The chances of them actually coming to knock on the door is incredibly low, they’re more focused on cracking down on more dangerous drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, etc.

Slices of Happiness

So you’re going to give it a go? Prices will vary depending on where you are. Phnom Penh will attract capital prices, whereas more provincial locations will be cheaper. Expect to pay around $7-10 for a large pizza. No word on how much you can get for $4.20. Should you eat this whole pizza to yourself? We suggest not. You’ll quickly spot those who have tried it in a stupor, huddled in the corner. Your best option is going to be to share a pizza with friends.

When you ingest weed through edible forms it takes a while longer to get going into your system so advice would be to be patient. Don’t go eating until you feel something otherwise you’ll go way too hard too soon. Good luck out there.

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