Hangover Cures by True Alcoholics (Bodega Staff)

Hangover Cures from The Man Who’s Drank Too Much

We’ve all been there. A night way later than you thought it would be and now you’re in need of miraculous hangover cures. You’ve woken in a panic, still fully dressed. Phone? Check. Dorm key? Check. With those out of the way, the next step is to deal with that rapidly growing headache, nausea and fatigue that greets you like a returning customer. The hangover. Not just any hangover, the hangover to end all hangovers. Fear not, we’ve got this – read on to find out how to make the next 12 hours bearable.

Carb-heavy Brunch or Breakfast Food

This is a favourite for professional drinkers the world over, and for good reason. Those endless shotguns, buckets and shots have messed around your blood sugar levels, contributing to your current sorry state. A sugar or carb-heavy breakfast can help combat this, helping restore the imbalance caused by the alcoholic assault your system went through last night. We’ve got an all day cafe and kitchen open from early in the morning, complete with Western-style breakfast food – even a hearty English breakfast!

English breakfast at Bodega's all day cafe and kitchen

Coconut Water

The only thing you were doing more frequently than buying drinks last night was peeing, and right now you’re drier than Spongebob in the Sahara. Dehydration is a major factor in any good hangover, contributing to the dizziness, dry mouth and impending sense of doom you’re currently feeling. The thirst is real, and it’s not going away any time soon. This is where coconut water steps in. Packed with more electrolytes than your go-to hangover Gatorade, this is a great alternative. For the best results, ditch the store bought version and grab a fresh coconut from a street vendor – salvation is at hand for around 30 THB.

Sweat It Out (You’re in Thailand, dummy!)

Instead of hiding out in the A/C, put Thailand’s blistering heat to good use! Even walking to the nearest 7-Eleven is likely to have you dripping in sweat, so why not take it one step further and get out and explore. The hangover is temporary, but day trips, walking tours and sightseeing will stay with you for far longer. Get moving and see how quickly your hangover dissipates in the face of having an awesome (albeit sweaty) time. If you’re really feeling up for it, give the Bangkok Walking Tour a shot. Sweat out the hangover while seeing the best of the best of Bangkok’s Buddhist temples.

Visit every major temple in Bangkok on the Bodega Hostels Walking Tour.

Go for a Traditional Thai Massage

Whether you’re looking for a full day of pampering or relaxation on the cheap, you’re spoilt for choice with everything from tiny one room shops to full blown spa complexes. Thailand has a reputation for less than above board massage parlours, however don’t let that put you off. We are always happy to recommend places that are legitimate, so check with us before you just head out to the closest spot. Get a bit of me time, for the price of one of those 5 buckets you beer-bonged last night.

straighten your back with a traditional Thai massage

Fuck it…just keep drinking!

Our personal favorite, and let’s be honest here, it’s yours too. You’re here for a good time not a long time right? After arriving hungover and trembling on a stifling Bangkok morning into the loving arms of Bodega, I shotgunned before checking in. Then after check in. Then when I came back downstairs. You get the idea. A few buckets later and all my worries were replaced with a laser like focus to dominate the beer pong tournament. While I don’t quite remember how that turned out, it affirmed something we’ve all always known to be true – hair of the dog is the Bodega way.

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