Game Over Lounge Bangkok: Level Up Your Night Out for Drinks

Everyone Loves Video Games: Game Over Lounge Bangkok

What’s not to love about beer, burgers and video games? Literally nothing. This could well be the king of places to hangout. Classifying themselves as an electric playground, Game Over Lounge Bangkok is well worth your time to explore and enjoy.

What now seems like a regular phenomenon is the crossover between video games, board games and the like, with the ever-popular activity of drinking in bars. We, for one, are all for it! Even if you’re not a gamer this place has a great selection of craft beers, freshly brewed coffee and fantastic burgers. They even have Vedett on tap! ????

How to Join in the Fun

While Game Over Lounge used to have monthly memberships, things have changed in recent time for the better. Spend over a certain amount on your total bill for the night and your choice of gaming comes free of charge. And honestly, the rates are way less than what you would be paying for in drinks anyway. This is a place you bring as many friends as possible to have some play games and get some alcohol in your belly. We’re Bodegans, it’s what we do! Here’s their pricing structure:

  • Board Games:
    • 100 THB per Hour
    • FREE All Day with a 500 THB bill
  • Console Gaming:
    • 250 THB per Hour
    • Free All Day with a 1,000 THB bill
  • PC Gaming:
    • 100 THB per Hour
    • Free 1 Hour with a 300 THB bill
  • Pool Tables:
    • 200 THB per Hour
Game Over Lounge Bangkok's board games

The Venue

The inside is as you might expect from a gaming haunt. It’s a blend of modern chic and gaming memorabilia. There are also loads of hipster antiques and items. Perfect for an Instagram frenzy.

Game Over Lounge has expanded in the last year, becoming a full service restaurant on top of all their games with a brilliant head chef. The menu includes a mix of Western and Thai food. Also worth mentioning is their variety of sharing plates – because what goes hand in hand with video games? Snack food, of course!

As far as games go, the list is pretty massive. You have your regular drinking games like giant Jenga and beer pong as well as a decent board game selection. Past this? There’s a few PS4 setups with a wide range of multiplayer games. The crown of Game Over Lounge Bangkok is their PC scrimmaging rooms though. While there are many internet cafes in the city, these rooms have top end gaming PCs and are catered towards esports titles.

Getting to Game Over Lounge Bangkok

Game Over Bangkok is on the ground floor of Liberty Plaza, near the top of Thonglor. Head for Sukhumvit Soi 55. You can visit any time from 11am straight through to 2am, so if you’re looking for a serious gaming session then you can be in there for 15 hours for 500 baht. That actually makes it seem more affordable…

If you’re already staying near Sukhumvit then you might want to consider walking or taking a motorbike taxi. These will likely be your quickest forms of transport during Bangkok rush hour traffic. Once the streets begin to clog up you could be sat in traffic for hours. For reference, Bodega Bangkok is right around the corner from Soi Cowboy on Sukhumvit Soi 23.

Game Over Lounge Insider Tip

Remember to book ahead (especially on weekends), this place gets really busy with both tourists and locals. You’ll need to make sure that you have a slot booked in advance for certain activities otherwise you might end up disappointed.

Game Over Bangkok billiards

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